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9 Tips Select Jobs- " MAKE YOUR RICH "

You must have always dreamed of becoming rich.
how much money should you consider to be "rich" financially?
Is your goal to get your first million dollars?
Do you want to cash in with a certain amount in the bank and withdraw it as soon as possible?

Most of us are not born with money. We need to get it. If you are still in the early stages of your career (as in the early 20's), or choose one to continue, here are nine jobs that can make you rich in your time 30 - with a little luck and a lot of hard work.

1 Web Development       Lihat imej sumber
Web Development is similar to software development but only focuses on creating websites and software for the web. Web Development is a profitable career. For example what happened to Facebook's founders. For example, who dare to say you can not be like the next Mark Zuckerberg? Naturally, your chances of scoring big bucks are not good. but many web developers have more money to keep them happy today, from application developers to developers of social media tools that ultimately sell their companies to the highest bidder.

Engineer             Lihat imej sumber
Engineers are the areas where you can earn a high salary even outside the college (although salaries may vary depending on where you live). if you like to plan something and solve the problem, and you're not too tired of maths, this might be a job to help you build your wealth. and there are many options - chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, aerospace engineers and food technology engineers to name a few.

3 Software Development     Lihat imej sumber
Software Development is one of the hottest job opportunities in the market today. and it's very good and very profitable. The market demand and demand for these careers is particularly high, especially most large companies require developers to create software and internal processes that help companies create, or save, money. users and business owners also constantly need software solutions for a variety of problems. Only Software Developers can help them. If you are technically inclined, this is probably the most profitable job for you.

Entrepreneur           Lihat imej sumber
Entrepreneurs can sometimes be riskiest. Did you know that being an entrepreneur is one of the career that makes you rich quick. With your own small business start up method can help to achieve your goals. You can do it with any of the careers listed in this article. Or maybe you have your own unique idea or you want to launch an entirely new product. That's good. It's always a risk to invest in your business idea, but when it comes to own millionaires, this is often the way to go.

5 Investment Banker      Lihat imej sumber
Investment Banker is a good workplace. Because it can guarantee a lot of money if you know what you're doing (with median salary just below $ 100,000 in the U.S.). Likewise for private investors, assuming you have little money to invest in the first place.

Sales                        Lihat imej sumber
This sales person I did not take the example of retail sales. But if you are a great seller who can adapt to different markets, you will always have a way to make good and many money. For example, some people get rich in selling real estate. Most millionaires in the world actually make real estate as their main career. Whereas, some sell cars or other luxury items. Do we know that by selling a company's equipment or software solutions to large corporate customers is a career that can provide great profit? According to Forbes, you can make over $ 100k each year to sell financial services as another example.

7 Author               Lihat imej sumber
Being an author is no guarantee that you'll strike it rich. Most authors never do. But with the rise of self publishing and millionaire success stories like that of A. Hocking, more and more authors are figuring out new ways to make a living doing what they love it. 

Speaker             Lihat imej sumber
If you are an expert in giving opinion or expertise in some industries or topics that people want to understand? Therefore, you are qualified to make this career a major part of your career. You can become rich as a public speaker. This could include anything from being a motivational speaker to a businessman who gave a seminar. As a Speaker; Several times, "Individual profits exceed $800,000 a year unusual" for "non-celebrity professional speaker".

9 Business Consultant      Lihat imej sumber
Nowadays, there are many types of business consultants out there. and there is one common theme - all helping business owners (or executives) solve the problem. More importantly, they solve problems that can not be solved with existing company staff. The expertise comes at a premium. Self-employed business consultants set their own rates, which can rise $ 200 to 400 per hour.

Leave a comment and tell me us how much you would need to earn to feel "rich" by the time you're 30, and let me know what you're doing now to work towards your financial goals (no matter how old you are).

Good Luck and Dream Come True!!!

@Jackie San

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