VIRAL ' Lima Lelaki Sengaja Pasang Bendera Terbalik Ditahan "

RAWANG SELANGOR - Polis menahan seorang pemandu lori dan juga empat lelaki warga Bangladesh bagi meneruskan siasatan berhubung isu memasang bendera terbalik yang dipasang pada sebuah lori sampah dalam kejadian di Bandar Country Homes, di sini semalam.

Ketua Polis Daerah Gombak, Asisten Kominioner Arifai Tarawe berkata, kesemua mereka yang berusia 30 hingga 43 tahun itu ditahan pada jam 7.30 malam kelmarin dan akan direman bermulanya hari ini.

Menurutnya lagi, tangkapan itu dibuat susulan laporan polis oleh seorang lelaki yang melihat keadaan bendera terbalik di lori sampah itu ketika melalui hadapan Masjid Bandar Country Homes sekitar jam 0940 pagi.

"Pengadu telah memberhentikan lori tersebut dan menegur pemandunya. Pengadu juga merakam insiden tersebut dan menularnya dlaam media sosial," katanya.

Katanya, kes disiasat di bawah Seksyen 504 Kanun keseksaan, Seksyen 14 Akta Kesalahan Kecil dan Seksyen 15(1)(c) Akta Imigresen 1959/63.

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VIRAL " China 'Destabilising " Pacific US Defence Chief Says

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper accused China of "destabilising" the Pacific region Friday on a whistle-stop trip to the tiny island nation of Palau.

The visit, which lasted barely three hours, comes as Washington attempts to counter Beijing's efforts to gain influence in the sparsely populated but strategically important Pacific island nations.

Esper said the United States and Palau shared values of freedom "where all countries respect the rules and norms for peace and prosperity of all nations".

"This is especially important today, as we continue work alongside our allies and partners to protect that international system that is under threat from China and its ongoing destabilising activities in the region," he said.

Beijing has enjoyed recent success in the Pacific, persuading the Solomon Islands and Kiribati last year to switch diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China.

That left Palau as one of Taiwan's four remaining allies in the Pacific and only 15 worldwide.

The nation of 22,000, which lies about 1,500 kilometres (930 miles) east of the Philippines, has retained strong ties to Taiwan and the United States under Palau President Tommy Remengesau, despite pressure from China to switch.

Remengesau said China had employed "aggressive moves" in the region but he understood why it had won over some island nations.

"It's no secret that they are loaning money and putting money into the economies of many Pacific island nations," he told reporters.

"That has an impact on how people view the relationship with those who help them."

China effectively banned its tourists from visiting Palau in 2018, severing a major income stream in a move seen as retribution over ties with Taiwan, which Beijing sees as part of its territory to be brought back into the fold.

Esper said he and Remengesau had discussed the need to respect "sovereignty of nations of all sizes".

While Palau is an independent nation, it has no military and the US is responsible for its defence under an agreement with Washington.

Under the deal, the US military has access to the islands, although it currently has no troops stationed there.

A US Military radar facility is planned but construction was suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Palau keen to retain its virus-free status.

Remengesau welcomed US efforts to boost its military presence in Indo-Pacific region.

"It gives us those of us in Palau a great sense of security and a sense of stability heading into the future," he said.

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VIRAL " Police Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Identified "


The Wisconsin Department of Justice on Wednesday identified the officer who shot Jacob Blake as Officer Rusten Sheskey. Hours later, the Department of Justice announced that the shooting, which led to three nights of violence in the state, is now under a federal civil rights investigation.


The state's DOJ said in a press release that officers from the Kenosha Police Department were dispatched to the area on Sunday after a caller reported that her boyfriend, who was not supposed to be on the premises, was present.


The release did not specify what role Blake played in the original incident, but family attorney Benjamin Crump said he was attempting to break up a domestic dispute. Officers attempted to arrest Blake during the incident and used a Taser in an unsuccessful attempt to subdue him, the DOJ said.


As depicted in a video of the interaction that quickly went viral on social media, Blake walked to his SUV and opened the driver's side door. Sheskey, 31, grabbed Blake's shirt and fired his service weapon seven times into Blake's back, the release said.


The release noted that no other officer fired their weapon, and that none of the officers were wearing body cameras because the department does not have any. All of the officers involved in the incident have been suspended.


Sheskey has worked with the department for seven years, the release said. It did not elaborate on his record within the department.


In August 2019, the Kenosha News interview Sheskey about his role a member of the Kenosha Police Departmen's bike unit. Sheskey told the news outlet he viewed his work as " a huge responsibility, and I really like trying to help the people."


The news release about the shooting said that "during the investigation following the initial incident," Blake" admitted that he had a knife in his possession." The release did not specify what type of knife, when Blake allegedly informed officers that he had a knife, or in what context.


"[Department of Criminal Investigation] agents recovered a knife from the driver's side floorboard of Mr. Blake's vehicle, " the release added. " A search of the vehicle located no additional weapons."


The Wisconsin DOJ's Department of Criminal Investigation is leading the investigation into Blake's shooting, with help from the FBI, the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Kenosha Country Sheriff's Office. The release said that it expects to provide a full report to the prosecutor within 30 days.


Blake remains in the hospital in stable but serious condition. Attorneys for his family said Tuesday that he is now paralyzed, and that bullets tore through his spinal cord, left holes in his stomach, caused damage to his kidney and liver and required that "nearly his entire colon and small intestine" be removed.


Blake's shooting sparked protests throughout Wisconsin that began on Sunday night and have carried on throughout the week. Those protests turned deadly on Tuesday night, when two people were killed and another was wounded. A 17-year-old accused of the killings was arrested Wednesday in Illinois.


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VIRAL " Oil Palm Mill Failed Project In Sungai Laong "

Oil Palm Mill Failed Project In Sungai Laong Has Nothing To Do With Ministry -  MPOB 

MARUDI : The failure of an independent oil palm mill project in Sungai Laong is due to the problematic management of the company, says Assistant Minister for Local Government and Housing Datu Dr Penguang Manggil.

He points out that the failed project has nothing to do with the Minister of Agriculture Native Land and Regional Development (MANRED), or with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

" As such, I hope that all of us would continue to stay united and work together when it comes to addressing and solving issues related to development.

" Do not easily influenced by certain quarters who are more than willing to see us divided for the sake of their political interests.

" Our strong cooperation has proven in enabling us reach all of our common objectives," he spoke at a 'Randau' (Dialogue) Rumah Ngumbang Tia in Sungai Laong here last Sunday.

Later Penguang, who is Marudi assemblyman, presented allocations from his Minor Rural Project (MRP) grant worth RM 15,000 to Rumah Ngumbang security and development committee (JKKK) and RM 5,000 to its women's bureau, as well as RM 15,000 each to JKKK Rumah Adelyn Minda, Rumah Merenggai, Rumah James Banggau and Rumah Labo Abit.

" The upgrading works on the access road to and the parking site at Rumah Adelyn worth RM 100,000 under my RTP (Rural Transformation Programme) grant have just reached completion.

Moreover, the RTP project to connect power supply to Rumah Subi will commence soon.

Rumah Subi is a recipient of Housing Development Corporation (HDC)'s 'Longhouse Loan Scheme' worth RM 195,000 last year, and also the House Repair Assistance Scheme worth RM 13,000 given earlier this year, " he said.

In addition, Penguang's wife Datin Monica Ukong represented the Association of Wives of Ministers and Assistant Ministers of Sarawak (Sabati) in presenting a wheelchair to an elderly resident of Rumah Adelyn.

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VIRAL " Ke Tali Gantung Edar Dadah DI Kuching "

KUCHING : Seorang lelaki dihukum gantung sampai mati oleh Mahkamah Tinggi di sini, hari ini atas tuduhan mengedar Syabu seberat kira - kira 211.95 gram yang dilakukannya pada tahun 2018.

Hakim Datuk Supang Lian menjatuhkan hukuman itu terhadap tertuduh Jason Hew Kiong Chew, 29 tahun, selepas perbicaraan penuh dijalankan dan tertuduh didapati bersalah.

Dia disabitkan mengikut Seksyen 39B (1)(a) Akta Dadah Berbahaya (ADB) 1952 dan dihukum di bawah SubSeksyen 39B(2) akta yang sama.

Dalam penghakimannya, Supang berpuas hati apabila pihak pendakwaan berjaya membuktikan kes tersebut melampui keraguan munasabah.

"Setelah meneliti keseluruhan bukti, ternyata tertuduh dalam kes ini gagal menolak anggapan di bawah Seksyen 37 (da) ADB 1952 dan tidak membangkitkan sebarang keraguan munasabah dalam kes pendakwaan.

"Justeru, tertuduh didapati bersalah mengedar dadah dan disabitkan mengikut pertuduhan," ujar beliau semasa menjatuhkan hukuman.

Berdasarkan ke atas pertuduhan, lelaki itu didakwa mengedar dadah pada 11 September 2018, jam 7.15 petang  di sebuah rumah di Taman Tematu Hill, Jalan Datuk Stephen Yong, di sini.

Menurut laporan terdahulu, tertuduh telah ditangkap susulan penemuan ke atas 12 paket lutsinar berisi ketulan kristal disyaki Syabu.

kesemua dadah tersebut dianggarkan bernilai mencecah RM 45,000 dan turut disita pada hari kejadian adalah sebuah kereta dan wang tunai yang bernilai RM 5,294.

Seramai tujuh (7) orang saksi pendakwaan dipanggil untuk membantu memberikan keterangan pada kes ini.

Pendakwaan dikendalikan oleh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya ROnnie Entili manakala tertuduh diwakili peguam, Louis Jarau Patrick.

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LIMBANG : Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Cawangan Limbang telah menahan seorang penjawat awam kerana disyaki menyalahgunakan jawatannya bagi mendapatkan suapan dalam bentuk kerja - kerja pembinaan syarikat milik isterinya yang bernilai RM 299,925.06 hari ini.

Menurut Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Cawangan Limbang dalam satu kenyataan, penahanan suspek yang dilakukan pada jam 1.30 tenghari selepas suspek yang juga disyaki mempunyai kepentingan hasil suapan tersebut.

"Suspek dibawa ke Mahkamah Limbang 21 Ogos 2020 (Jumaat) jam 9 pagi bertujuan untuk mendapatkan permohonan reman," katanya.

Kes akan disiasat di bawah Seksyen 23 Akta SPRM 2009.

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VIRAL " Welcoming Dance Kampung Undop Merapok Lawas "



Kluster COVID-19 baru dikesan di Bintulu Sarawak

Satu kluster baharu yang dikenali sebagai Kluster Alam telah diisytiharkan wujud di Bintulu Sarawak. Setelah empat (4) daripada kru kapal yang berlabuh di Pelabuhan Bintulu disahkan Positif COVID-19.

Menurut kenyataan Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Bencana Negeri Sarawak (JPBN) hari ini, kapal tangki minyak yang berdaftar di Pelabuhan Klang itu mempunyai sejarah pelayaran ke Pelabuhan Toyama Shinko, Jepun dari 27 Julai 2020 hingga 01 Ogos 2020, sebelum ianya singgah di Pelabuhan Labuan pada 10 Ogos 2020 yang lalu.

"Semasa dalam perjalanan ke Perairan Bintulu, kapten kapal telah memaklumkan kepada ejen kapal berkenaan terdapat dua (2) anak kapal yang sakit dan memerlukan rawatan hospital.

"Siasatan awal menunjukkan kluster ini berpunca daripada jangkitan luar negara iaitu kemungkinan ianya dibawa oleh kru yang sign on (mendaftar) ke atas kapal semasa ianya singgah di pelabuhan antarabangsa.

Siasatan lanjut ke atas kluster ini masih lagi dilakukan dan pengesanan serta saringan ke atas semua kontak rapat sedang giat dijalankan," katanya.

Menurut JPBN, Kluster Pasar Stutong hari ini telah diisytiharkan tamat setelah tiada kes baharu dilaporkan dalam tempoh 28 hari selepas terakhir ianya dilaporkan.

Selain Kluster Alam, Bintulu Sarawak yang baru sahaja diisytiharkan itu, Kluster lain yang masih aktif di negeri ini terdiri daripada Kluster Syarikat Kejuruteraan, Kluster Mambong, Kluster Sentosa, Kluster PUI Melbourne, Kluster Syarikat Pembinaan Kuching dan akhir sekali Kluster Pasar Satok, Kuching.

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VIRAL " Koir Selamat Datang Dari Peserta Kursus Pembangunan Modal Insan ...



VIRAL " Hampir Semua Pemain Barcelona Akan Dijual "


Jurulatih yang berpengalaman Roland Koeman, Belanda bakal dibawa masuk bagi memulihkan pasukan Barcelona, yang dijangka akan menjual hampir kesemua daripada pemainnya dalam misi bagi membina semula pasukan musim depan.

Presiden Barcelona, Josep Bartomeu mengesahkan, rundingan dengan Koeman telah memasukki fasa terakhir dan hanya menunggu masa untuk menandatangani perjanjian.

Dia turut mengakui, gergasi bola sepak Catalan itu sudah bersedia untuk mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada beberapa pemain yang menjadikan mereka pasukan terbaik dunia.

Barcelona juga mahu menebus kembali kesilapan yang dilakukan ketika berbelanja 250 Juta Euro (RM 1.24 Bilion) untuk membeli Ousmane Dembele dan Philippe Coutinho.

Gerard Pique, Luis Suarez, Jordi Alba dan Sergio Busquets antara pemain yang tidak lagi dikehendaki dalam pasukan, manakala Lionel Messi masih dalam perancangan Koeman biarpun turut meminta untuk keluar dari Camp Nou.

"Sekarang masanya untuk mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada pemain yang pernah menjadikan kami kelab terbaik dunia.

"Saya tidak mahu bercakap buruk dan menuduh sesiapa, kami kena keluarkan mereka dengan cara terhormat.

"Ini bukan krisis sosial ataupun ekonomi tetapi ianya adalah isu sukan.

"Sesetengah pemain ini tahu mereka tidak akan meneruskan karier di sini lagi. Benarkan mereka pergi secara percuma? Semua pilihan adalah terbuka, " kata Bartomeu kepada Barcelona TV.

Koeman, 57, telah ditawarkan kontrak selama dua (2) tahun bagi menggantikan Quique Setien yang dipecat semalam ekoran kekalahan yang memalukan 2-8 kepada Bayern Munich dalam suku akhir Liga Juara - Juara, Sabtu lalu.

Gergasi bola sepak Sepanyol itu juga telah bertindak menyingkirkan Pengarah Sukan, Eric Abidal dalam sebahagian daripada usaha penstrukturan semula.

Senarai pemain yang disahkan kekal dalam Pasukan Barcelona bagaimanapun telah menimbulkan pertikairan di kalangan pemerhati bola sepak tempatan.

Mengekalkan Frenkie De Jong, Clement Lenglet dan juga Antoine Griezmann masih boleh diterima tetapi terus 'menyimpan' Nelson Semedo yang beraksi buruk ketika menentang Bayern, selain Dembele bukanlah keputusan yang tepat.

Situasi Messi turut mencetuskan drama di Camp Nou.

Radio Sepanyol, Cadena Ser melaporkan, Bartomeu memberitahu bapa Messi, Jorge bahawa Koeman mahu anaknya untuk kekal dalam pasukan.

Begitupun Jorge mahu Bartomeu bercakap sendiri secara bersemuka dengan bintang penyerang Argentina itu.

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VIRAL " Remaja Bunuh 23 Pelajar dan Guru Tahfiz Didapati Bersalah "

KUALA LUMPUR : Suasana dalam Mahkamah Tinggi hiba selepas Hakim Datuk Azman Abdullah menjatuhkan hukuman penjara kepada remaja lelaki yang berusia 19 tahun sehingga mendapat perkenan Yang di-Pertuan Agong hari ini.

Hakim Azman dengan rasminya menjatuhkan hukuman itu selepas remaja terbabit didapati bersalah membunuh 23 individu dalam kebakaran di Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah, Dato Keramat, tiga tahun lalu.

Tertuduh yang kelihatan menangis itu dan tersandar di kerusi dalam kamar mahkamah.

Hakim menjatuhkan hukuman itu setelah mendapati pihak pembelaan gagal menimbulkan keraguan munasabah atas kesemua pertuduhan yang dikenakan.

Ketika membaca keputusan penghakimannya, Hakim berkata, tertuduh dikehendaki untuk menjalani hukuman penjara sehingga diperkenankan oleh Yang Dipertuan Agong.

Menurutnya lagi, ia selaras dengan keperluan Seksyen 97 (1) Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001 yang mana hukuman penjara itu selama ianya diperkenankan oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong apabila tertuduh tidak boleh dikenakan hukuman mati memandangkan ketika kejadian tertuduh berusia 16 tahun.

"Tertuduh didapati dengan sengaja melakukan khianat tersebut dengan niat untuk membunuh pelajar tahfiz dan juga guru tahfiz, " katanya.

pada 20 Januari 2020 yang lalu, Mahkamah Tinggi yang sama, telah memerintahkan agar remaja tersebut untuk membela diri atas tuduhan membunuh 23 penghuni Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiah pada September 2017.

Sementara seorang lagi remaja yang juga tertuduh kedua (2), dilepaskan dan dibebaskan daripada pertuduhan yang sama oleh mahkamah.

Dua (2) remaja berkenaan yang ketika itu berumur 16 tahun, telah didakwa membunuh dengan sengaja dan juga menyebabkan kematian 23 penghuni pusat tahfiz dalam kebakaran di pusat tahfiz tiga (3) tingkat tersebut.

Dua (2) daripada mangsa yang terkorban merupakan warden di pusat tahfiz itu.

Kejadian berlaku di Jalan Keramat Hujung, Kampung Datuk Keramat, Wangsa Maju di sini antara jam 0415 pagi dan 0645 pagi pada 14 September 2017.

Dalam kejadian yang menyayat hati itu, 23 mangsa maut ialah Muhammad Danieal Md. Amin, 14, Ahmad Rijal Mohammad Rodzi, 13, Muhammad Hasrullah Ismaik, 14, Muhammad Haikal Abdullah, 12, Muhammad Aidil Aqmail Mohd Zamzuri, 10, Muhammaf Fahmie Abdullah, 11, Muhammad Afiq Haqimie Hairulizwan, 11, Muhammad Aiman Ramzanudin, 12, Azkar Dariemi F. Zaska, 8, Nik Muhammad Ridzuan Nik Azlan, Azkar Abiedi F. Zaska, 11.

Selain itu juga, mangsa lain adalah Umar Al Khatab Helmi 6, Amiel Asyraaf Abd Rasid, 11, Muhammad Nizammudin Nasrun, 13, Muhammad Hafiz Iskandar Sulaiman, 11, Muhammad Harris Ikhwan Mohd Sulaiman,10, Muhammad Taufik Hidayat Norazizan, 16, Ahmad Harith Adam Mohd. Nor Hadi, 12, Muhammad Hazim Ahmad Nor, 13, Muhammad Syafik Haikal Abdullah, 13, Muhammad Zattulah Roslan, 11, Mohd Yusuf Md, 26 (guru) dan Mohd. Amrul Nizam Sakarno, 25 (guru).

Pendakwaan diwakili oleh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Julia Ibrahim manakala remaja tersebut masing-masing diwakili peguam, Haijan Omar dan Ravin Jay.

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VIRAL " Kluster Tawar, Kluster Sala dan Kluster Muda Terbaharu di Kedah "

COVID - 19 Wujudnya Tiga (3) Kluster Baharu iaitu Kluster Muda, Kluster Sala dan Kluster Tawar Dari Negeri Kedah.

Kuala Lumpur : Kes Positif COVID-19 kini semakit melonjak apabila 26 kes baharu dikenalpasti dan dilaporkan pada hari ini 15 Ogos 2020 (Sabtu) yang membabitkan 23 kes penularan wabak COVID-19 dalam negara dan selebihnya iaitu tiga (3) kes import.

Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Malaysia, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah berkata, ini menjadikan jumlah kes positif negara sebanyak 9, 175 kes dan jumlah kes yang aktif yang boleh menyebabkan kebolehjangkitan sebanyak 219 kes.

Beliau turut menjelaskan daripada 23 kes yang melibatkan penularan dalam negara, sebanyak 20 kes adalah melibatkan warganegara Malaysia dan tiga lagi melibatkan bukan warganegara Malaysia.

"Bagi kes penularan dalam negara adalah di kalangan warga Malaysia yang menetap di Negeri Kedah dan tiga (3) kes terdiri daripada kewujudan Kluster Baharu iaitu Kluster Sala, Kluster Tawar 10 kes dan satu (1) kes disebabkan oleh Kluster Muda. 

Manakala di Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur pula, satu (1) kes saringan di tempat kerja dan satu (1) kes pula kes hasil saringan kontak rapat kepada kes positif dari kes ke - 8,66.

" Manakala di Pulau Pinang pula, terdapat dua (2) kes hasil saringan Kluster Baharu iaitu Kluster Tawar kerana mereka merupakan kontak rapat kepada kes positif (kes ke - 9,129). 

Selain itu, di Johor Baharu dan juga Negeri Perlis pula masing-masing menyumbang satu (1) kes daripada hasil saringan pra pembedahan," katanya dalam satu kenyataan akhbar perkembangan COVID-19 negara hari ini.

Kes jangkitan tempatan yang melibatkan bukan warganegara Malaysia pula adalah hasil dua (2) kes saringan bagi tahanan yang merupakan pendatang tanpa izin di Negeri Sembilan dan satu (1) kes hasil saringan di tempat kerja di Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Sementara itu juga, bagi tiga (3) kes import yang mendapat jangkitan dari luar negara (Austria, Amerika Syarikat dan Vietnam) yang melibatkan dua (2) warganegara Malaysia dan satu (1) bukan warganegara.

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah turut berkata, sebanyak tiga (3) kes telahpun pulih sepenuhnya daripada COVID-19 hari ini dan ianya menjadikan jumlah kumulatif kes yang pulih sepenuhnya setakat ini adalah sebanyak 8,831 kes bersamaan 96.3 peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan kes.

Beliau turut memaklumkan bahawa setakat ini, terdapat enam (6) kes positif COVID-19 yang sedang dirawat di unit rawatan rapi (ICU) dengan satu (1) kes adalah memerlukan bantuan pernafasan.

Manakala, tiada pertambahan kes kematian berkaitan COVID-19 di negara ini dan dilaporkan hari ini 15 Ogos 2020 (Sabtu) menjadikan jumlah kes kematian masih kekal 125 kes bersamaan 1.36 % daripada jumlah keseluruhan kes di Negara Malaysia Tercinta ini.

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VIRAL " Bukit Sembiling Bukit Mas Daerah Limbang Tarikan Semula Jadi Ter...






Berikutan dengan kepantasan penularan dari kluster baharu yang dikenali sebagai Kluster Sivagangga merebak dan tular, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) kini telah mengkaji kemungkinan negara sedang berdepan Kluster Genome 614 (G614) iaitu ' Kluster Super Spreader '.

Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah berkata, ia berikutan Kluster PUI Sivagangga yang telah merebak dengan begitu pantas sejak ia mula dikesan berbanding sembila (9) Kluster lain yang berada di Negeri Sarawak. 

"Kajian sedang dijalankan sama ada kita sedang berdepan Kluster Genome 614 (G614) iaitu Kluster 'Super Spreader' yang dimaklumkan KKM dari Mesir dan Negara Pakistan."

" Besar kemungkinan ini mungkin satu Kluster "Super Spreader" tetapi kita perlu untuk menjalankan kajian teliti. Kita akan kulturkan virus itu di makmal dan juga lihat kepada jujukan genom virus yang menjangkiti Kluster PUI Sivagangga. "

Apa yang lebih merisaukan kluster ini berpunca daripada seorang pemastautin tetap (PR) yang juga pemilik sebuah restoran nasi kandar di Pekan Napoh, Jitra yang baru pulang ke Malaysia dari kampungnya di Sivagangga, India pada 13 Julai 2020 dan saringan COVID-19 yang dilakukan di pintu masuk Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) didapati negatif -  dan beliau ingkar patuh kepada arahan untuk kuarantin 14 hari di rumah seperti mereka lain yang baru balik dari luar negara.

Atas kedegilan beliau telah menyebabkan penularan jangkitan wabak COVID-19 di Negeri Kedah. 

Kerajaan seharusnya membatalkan PR beliau dan disarankan agar jangan sesekali meringankan prosedur permohonan kerakyatan serta kemudahan kepada 'Orang Luar' seumpama yang akhirnya menyusahkan rakyat negara ini.

Beliau jelas ingkar dan tidak mahu menuruti arahan undang - undang negara kita yang memberikan peluang untuk beliau mencari rezeki sehingga terbukanya sebuah restoran nasi kandar.

Kerajaan patut bertegas dan kini jelas ramai warga asing yang berada di negara kita yang senantiasa memburukkan lagi keadaan serta menyusahkan kerajaan termasuk kali ini satu negara telah terpalit masalah akibat keengkaran beliau mematuhi undang - undang.

Netizen turut menyarankan agar kerajaan mengenakan denda dan hukuman sewajarnya kepada pengakibat Kluster Sivagangga yang telah menyebabkan ramai yang dijangkiti wabak COVID-19.

Masalah yang nampak hari ini, disebabkan kerajaan senantiasa beri muka dan juga terlampau manjakan warga asing, maka mereka sewenang-wenangnya menundukkan kerajaan yang segelintirnya disogokkan mata wang ringgit, maka hilanglah integriti dalam diri masing-masing.

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Six Months into the pandemic, Russia's first COVID-19 vaccine is in its final development stages, already proven safe. Decades of research, not spying on foreign know-how, led to the breakthrough, a top Russia Scientist told RT.

Like their colleagues in the world's other leading nations, Russian scientists have traveled a bumpy road from the discovery of CoronaVirus to the development of a promising vaccine in record of time.

This month, Moscow's fames Sechenov University announced that the first phase of clinical trials for a vaccine had been a success. Some 38 volunteers who took part in human trials have been released with little or no side effects recorded.

Researchers will now push forward, testing the vaccine's efficiency, and prepping it for registration with the Health Ministry. Other prototypes are to follow, with some about to finish phase-one trials - which usually demonstrates the new vaccine's safety for use in humans.

It's fairly easy to grasp why Russia is so keen to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Having reported more than 811,000 cases and 13,249 fatalities, it is among the five countries worst affected by the epidemic. But how did it make a vaccine so fast, given that the CoronaVirus, or its deadly, crown-shaped SARS-CoV-2 strain, wasn't known to scientists before 2020?


Russia has over 20 years of experience in developing technology for producing vaccines. This helped to create the unique COVID-19 vaccine in a very short period of time by normal drug-development standards, Vadim Tarasov, head of Sechenov University's Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology, told RT Arabic in a comprehensive interview.

"Nothing can be done from scratch, "he explained. Virologists at the Sechenov Institute and the Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology -  another CoronaVirus research hub in Moscow - benefited from that "huge backlog" to decode the genome and structure of COVID-19 and quickly create a vaccine prototype.


The technology behind the Russian vaccine in question is based upon adenovirus, the common cold. Created artificially, the vaccine proteins replicate those of COVID-19 and trigger "an immune response similar to that caused by the CoronaVirus itself," Tarasov revealed.

In other words, getting immunized is slightly similar to having survived the CoronaVirus, but without its life-threatening risks. The vaccine, of course, won't be a magical wand preventing everyone from getting sick. It may not stop the entire spread of CoronaVirus, but will make the symptoms much milder.

Tarasov said the 38 volunteers received the tested vaccine in the from of a standard injection in the shoulder - " a standard procedure, not very painful, which many people go through - therefore, there is nothing terrible here and nothing fundamentally new. "


The vaccine, tested on volunteers aged between 18 and 60 age, has shown good results "in terms of tolerance, " Tarasov revealed. Hence, phase-one trials, "have clearly shown that this vaccine is safe and can be used. " For the scientist, this was a huge leap in their enormous scientific effort.


Russian researchers have now proceeded to phase-two trials, which will test the vaccine's efficacy and dosing. Other nations using the same technology are also progressing, with the UK, China, US and the Japan being the notable other frontrunners.

While their respective health officials insist the preventitive cure will become a common public good, there's room for ambition and prestige in the underclared race to unveil the world's first CoronaVirus vaccine.

Challenged to give this take on this, Tarasov replied: "The Key Issue Here Is Who Will Be The First To Help Its Own Citizens And Those Who Need It, Because The Sooner We Get A Vaccine, A Good And Efficient One Which Can Be Applied At The Required Scale - And We're Talking A Large Scale - The Faster We Can OverCome CoronaVirus. "

He insisted that the rationale behind producing the vaccine first is purely humanistic, not political. "Perhaps it's not entirely correct to raise the issue of satisfying political ambitions or [Striving] to be the first. It is important to help people and prevent the spread of the pandemic, " the scientist concluded.

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VIRAL " Sarawak Berjaya Tanggani Zon Merah Ke Hijau Dalam Tempoh Singkat "



KUCHING : 12 Ogos 2020 (Rabu), kini Daerah Kuching dan Daerah Serian hari ini telah diisytiharkan sebagai Zon Hijau selepas tidak mencatatkan lagi Kes Positif COVID-19 penularan jangkitan tempatan dalam tempoh 14 hari yang lalu.

Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Bencana Negeri (JPBN) Sarawak hari ini dalam satu kenyataan menjelaskan Sarawak kini lega dan telah bertukar Status Kepada Zon Hijau selepas ke semua daerah di negeri ini tidak mencatatkan kes jangkitan kes tempatan dalam tempoh 14 hari.

Hari ini turut dilaporkan sifar kes positif COVID-19 menjadikan kes aktif positif di negeri Bumi Kenyalang ini kekal sebanyak 681 kes.

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VIRAL " Tarian Kamek Miak Sarawak Terbaik "

VIRAL " Cara Bancuh Kopi Agar Sedap Diminum "

VIRAL " Why Do People Hate America "


"Perhaps, this is second greatest libel and certainly the most widespread. Is that America is a racist country that oppresses its minorities and women. We can call it the American Libel." (The greatest libel was the infamous blood libel, the fabricated charge spread in Europe for hundreds of years by Christian anti-Semites that Jews kill Christian children to use their blood to bake matzos-- Unleavened Bread, for Passover).

But if America is so racist, why are there so many race hoaxes? Virtually every time we read about a swastika painted on a door, or a noose hanging from a tree to taunt blacks, it turns out to be either a false alarm or, more frequently, a hoax.

Here are a dozen examples:

No. 1 : UC San Diego Library Noose (2010): "Student apologizes for noose in UC San Diego library" (Los Angeles Times). A "minority student" was responsible for placing the noose in the University library. Previously, the Associated Press had reported, "Anger boiled over on the University of California San Diego campus today, where students took over the chancellor's office to protest the hanging of a noose in a campus library."

No.2 : Truck At Oakland's Corporation Yard (2014) : " A reported 'noose' tied to the back of a city truck in August, which stirred already simmering racial tensions at Oakland's Corporation Yard, was not an intended act of racial harrassment, a city-commissioned report has found" (Mercury News).

No.3 : The Duke Lacrosse Team (2006): Three white members of the Duke University Lacrosse Team were falsely accused by Crystal Mangum, a black student at North Carolina Central University, with having raped her. The charges were all fabricated, but the American media and Duke University faculty rushed to judgement and devoted months to smearing the three lacrosse players and Duke University itself as racist.

No.4 : University At Albany (2016) : " A state appeals court has upheld the University at Albany's expulsion of a woman who along with two friends falsely claimed to be the victim of a racially motivated attack on a CDTA bus in January 2016" (Times Union). The three black women had attacked a white woman and then claimed they had been racially attacked.

No.5 : Bowling Green State University (2016) : " Bowling Green police say student lied about politically driven attack " (ABC).

" The day after the 2016 election, Eleesha Long, a student at Bowling Green State University, about 90 miles west of Oberlin - said that she was attacked by white Trump supporters, who threw rocks at her. Police concluded that she had fabricated the story" (City Journal).

No.6 : University Of Delaware (2015) : "Nooses' Found Hanging on University of Delaware Campus Were Lanterns" (NBC).

University President Nancy Targett had earlier announced, "We are both saddened and disturbed that this deplorable act has taken place on our campus."

No.7 : The LSU Noose (2015) : It was widely reported that a noose was sighted at Louisiana State University leading to protests against racism there. It was later reported, "LSU said a picture of what appeared to be a noose hanging from a campus tree Thursday was not what it appeared to be" (WBRZ).

No.8 : Oakland's Lake Merritt (2020) : After the city of Oakland launched a hate crime investigation regarding a noose hanging from park trees, Victor Anari Sengbe, a black man, tweeted: "It's not a noose, this guy climbed the tree and put up the rope for a wing months ago, folks used it to exercise...ITS NOT A NOOSE."

Nevertheless, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf then tweeted, "Intentions do not matter. We will not tolerate symbols of hate in our city. The nooses found at Lake Merritt will be investigated as hate crimes."

No.9 : Dreadlock Cutting Hoax (2019) : " A black student at a Christian school in Virgina who accused three white sixth grade boys of cutting her dreadlocks and calling her ugly now says she was lying about the attack" (NBC).

No.10 : Jussie Smollett (2019) : In one of the most notorious hoaxes, actor Jussie Smollett claimed he was attacked by white racists in Chicago on a freezing night. The story was a hoax. The " noose " was a rope his two co-conspirators had purchased for staging the " attack ".

No.11 : University of La Verne (2020) : " Racist Threats and Attacks that Rattled a California University Campus Were Faked, Police Say " (Newsweek).

There is not enough space in a column to cite all the hoaxes and mistaken charges of racism in recent decades. Interested readers can also look up: a hoax perpetrated by Fynn Arthur, a black student at Goucher College in 2018; Samantha Wells, a black student activist, who was responsible for a racist threat she left on her own car at St. Olaf College in 2017; and the hoax perpetreated by three black Oberlin students, Jonathan Aladin, Endia Lawrence and Cecelia Whettstone, who claimed racial profiling at Gibson's Bakery, which, after serving Oberlin for over 100 years, was nearly put out of business by the false claims.

Here's why this is so important. If there were a lot of racism, there would be no need for hoaxes. No Jew in Germany in the 1930s made up and anti-Semitic hoax. No Jewish shop owner ever made up a charge that a Nazi hurled a rock through his store window. The reason? None was needed. Nazi hatred against Jews was real. It didn't have to be faked. To convince people that America is racist, you have to fake it.

Dennis Prager is a notionally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. His latest book, published by Regnery in May 2019, is "The Rational Bible," a commentary on the book of Genesis. His film,"No Safe Spaces," came to theaters fall 2019. He is the founder of Prager University and may be contacted at dennisprager.com.

No. 12 : NASCAR (2020) : A "Noose" was found in the Talladega, Alabama, racetrack garage assigned to black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. FBI investigators determined it to be one of several such ropes placed sometime the year before in Talladega garages as door pulls, long before that garage was ever assigned to Wallace. But Wallace continued to maintain it was, in fact, a noose.

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Viral " Cara Mudah Pembajaan Cecair Tanaman "

VIRAL " Kehidupan Si Comel Bila Disayangi Umpama Anak Kandung "



VIRAL " Tun M Yakin Menang Besar "

Parti Baharu Tun Mahathir Tidak Terikat Dengan Mana - Mana Parti

Kuala Lumpur : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hari ini mengumumkan penubuhan parti baharu yang belum diberikan nama secara rasminya, namun ia tidak terikat atau menyebelahi mana-mana parti.

Ahli Parlimen Langkawi itu berkata, keputusan sedemikian bagi menubuhkan parti baharu itu dibuat berdasarkan analisa penuh ke atas hilangnya kepercayaan kepada Presiden Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU), Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin selaku Perdana Menteri Malaysia ketika ini selain keahliannya bersama lima (5) lagi pemimpinnya terhenti berdasarkan perlembagaan parti itu.

Dr Mahathir turut berkata, parti baharu ini akan mendukung dasar BERSATU dahulu selain akan bertanding sebagai blok parti bebas dalam pilihan raya umum (PRU) akan datang tidak lama lagi.

"Kita akan umumkan (nama parti) dalam masa tidak lama lagi. Kita berharap ROS (Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan) akan bersetuju bagi penubuhan parti baharu ini nanti.

"Oleh kerana kita sekarang ini menghadapi masalah tidak dapat bergerak dalam parti, melainkan bebas, tetapi kita ingin menubuhkan parti baharu untuk menggantikan parti lama (BERSATU).

"Sebab penubuhan ini adalah kerana UMNO, PAS dan juga BERSATU sudah lari dari perjuangan asal berkenaan politik bagi orang Melayu, " katanya pada sidang media di Bangunan Yayasan Al-Bukhary, hari ini.

Dr Mahathir turut berkata, Ahli Parlimen Jerlun yang juga anaknya, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir akan dilantik sebagai Presiden parti baharu berkenaan.

Difahamkan juga pada majlis berkenaan, ramai ahli dan pemimpin BERSATU akar umbi yang turut mengumumkan keluar parti dan akan menyertai parti baharu dinaungi Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir dan beberapa yang lain pada 09 Jun lalu mengemukakan saman terhadap Tan Sri Muhyiddin, tiga (3) pemimpin BERSATU dan ROS bagi mencabar keputusan pemecatan mereka dari jawatan masing-masing dalam parti berkenaan.

Pemimpin yang lain termasuk Mukhriz, bekas Ketua Angkatan BERSATU Anak Muda (ARMADA), Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman; Ahli Parlimen Simpang Renggam, Dr Maszlee Malik; Bekas Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Amiruddin Hamzah dan Bekas Setiausaha Agung BERSATU, Datuk Marzuki Yahya.

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VIRAL " Hiking Om Sakti Gunung Matang Lokasi Air Terjun Terindah "


VIRAL " Lim Guan Eng Minta 10 Peratus Kos Bila Terowong "


KUALA LUMPUR : Bekas Menteri Kewangan Negara, Lim Guan Eng didakwa di Mahkamah Seksyen hari ini berhubung tuduhan meminta 10 peratus rasuah dari nilai kos yang membabitkan projek terowong dasar laut Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Guan Eng, 59 Tahun, bagaimanapun mengaku tidak bersalah dan memohon untuk dibicarakan semula sebaik pertuduhan terhadapnya dibacakan di hadapan Hakim Azura Alwi, iaitu kira - kira jam 0949 minit pagi.

Terdahulu, Setiausaha Agung DAP itu, hadir ke Mahkamah ditemani oleh bapanya, Lim Kit Siang, dan didakwa meminta suapan (rasuah) sebanyak 10 peratus daripada keuntungan atau nilai kos yang akan diperolehi daripada Datuk Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli.

Suapan itu balasan sebagai upah bagi membantu syarikat milik Zarul Ahmad syarikat yang dilantik bagi melaksanakan Projek Pembinaan Jalan-Jalan Utama dan juga Terowong di Pulau Pinang.

Guan Eng dituduh melakukan kesalahan itu berhampiran Hotel The Gardens, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, pada Mac 2011 dan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 16 (a) (A) Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) 2009, yang boleh dijatuhkan hukuman penjara maksimum 20 tahun dan juga denda lima (5) kali ganda nilai suapan rasuah ataupun RM 10,000.00 nilai atau mana - mana nilai yang lebih tinggi.

Terdahulu, Timbalan Pendawa Raya, Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin, menawarkan jaminan sebanyak RM 2 Juta dengan dua penjamin terhadap tertuduh, beserta syarat tambahan perlu melaporkan diri di pejabat SPRM setiap bulan dan tidak menganggu saksi pendakwaan dalam kes tersebut.

"Jika terdapat usaha menganggu saksi, maka pendakwaan memohon jaminan dibatalkan terhadap tertuduh.

"Dalam kes ini mahkamah perlu mengambil kira status tertuduh di dalam masyarakat, " katanya.

Wan Shaharuddin, turut berhujah bahawa mengikut pertuduhan, Guan Eng sebagai Ketua Menteri sudah melanggari kepercayaan penduduk Negeri Pulau Pinang yang diberikan kepadanya.

"Tertuduh akan didakwa di Mahkamah Butterworth pada Isnin ini 10 Ogos 2020. Sehubungan itu, sekiranya ikat jamin tinggi diberikan hari ini, pihak pendakwaan tidak akan meminta lagi jaminan di Butterworth dan akan mengguna pakai jumlah jaminan di mahkamah hari ini," katanya.

Pihak pendakwaan turut memohon perintah daripada mahkamah supaya tertuduh tidak mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan subjudis membabitkan kes itu.

Bagaimanapun, Guan Eng dalam rayuannya menerusi Peguam Gobind Singh Deo, membantah jaminan RM 2 Juta yang ditawarkan oleh pendakwaan dengan alasan sudah memberikan jaminan dan memberikan kerjasama penuh dalam membantu siasatan, walaupun diminta hadir oleh SPRM pada jam 10 malam.

"Pembelaan memohon jaminan berjumlah RM 500,000.00 diberikan tapan sebarang syarat tambahan, memandangkan jumlah ikat jamin adalah sangat besar selain tertuduh tidak berisiko melarikan diri memandangkan beliau adalah Ahli Parlimen Bagan dan perlu menjalankan tanggungjawabnya kepada penduduk kawasan itu.

Mahkamah membenarkan tertuduh diikat jamin sebanyak RM 1 Juta dengan dua penjamin, pasport antarabangsa dan diplomatik diserahkan kepada mahkamah.

Mahkamah turut membenarkan permohonan pendakwaan supaya tertuduh tidak membuat sebarang komen subjudis membabitkan kes itu dan menetapkan 09 September 2020 ini untuk sebutan kes semula.

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