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Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan PPK Limbang Kali Ke 42, Tahun 2021




Canadian police on Saturday, February 20, 2022 used pepper spray and stun grenades in a final push to clear the capital of trucks and demonstrators who occupied downtown Ottawa for more than three (3) weeks to protests against pandemic restrictions.


After clearing a portion of the blockade and making more than 100 arrests on Friday, February 19, 2022, more than 47 arrests were made on Saturday, February 20 morning as police moved quickly to disperse the main portion of the blockade in front of parliament and the prime minister's office.


Police used loudspeakers to warn the crowd to disperse or face arrest. Some loud bangs of stun grenades were heard. People were sprayed with " a chemical irritant in an effort to stop the assaultive behaviour and for officer safety " police said.


" We told you to leave. We gave you time to leave. We were slow and methodical, yet you were assaultive and aggressive with officers," police said in a statement to the truckers poster on Personal Twitter.


Protest organisers for the so-called Freedom Convoy said they had asked truckers to withdraw because of heavy-handed police tactics, and many trucks did exit the downtown core on Saturday. Thirty-eight (38) vehicles have been towed, police reported.


Officers smashed vehicle windows to arrest people locked inside, but the overall number of protesters dwindled dramatically compared with previous days, with a couple hundred remaining near the advancing police cordon.


Some of those arrested on Saturday wore body armour and had smoke grenades and other fireworks in their bags and vehicles, police said.


Protesters threw canisters, police said. Several large trucks that have been parked in front of parliament for weeks drove away as the police approached their position. No tear gas has been used, police said.



Many of the main organisers were taken into custody, and some have reportedly left. On Saturday, organisers wrote on Twitter they were " shocked at the abuses of power by the law enforcement in Ottawa " and so " asked our truckers to move from Parliament  Hill to avoid further brutality ".


The protest organisers said protesters had been " horse - trampled " on Friday, which police denied.


" We hear your concern for people on the ground after the horses dispersed a crowd. Anyone who fell got up and walked away. We're unaware of any injuries," police wrote on Twitter.


The protesters initially wanted an end to cross-border COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truck drivers, but the blockade has gradually turned into a demonstration against the government and against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


" This is our final stand...When it ends, it ends and it's in God's Hands," said Jeremy Glass, a protester from Shelburne, Ontario. " At the end of this, we all need to get back to unity and get rid of this division."


Trudeau on last Monday invoked emergency powers to give his government wider authority to stop the protests. He authorised banks and financial institutions on temporarily freeze the accounts of those suspected of supporting the blockades, without obtaining a court order.


Financial services provides have used the emergency powers to freeze at least 76 accounts with a total of 3.2 million Canadian dollars ($2.5m), Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said on Saturday.


The federal government said on Saturday it would provide up to 20 million Canadian dollars ($15.7m) to Ottawa businesses that have suffered losses because of the blockades.


Debate in parliament about the emergency powers resumed on Saturday, and final vote is scheduled for Monday. Trudeau's Liberals and opposition New Democrats have indicated their support, which should ensure its passage.


American politicians, including former President Donald Trump, have expressed support for the protesters, as has Tesla Inc's chief executive, Elon Musk, who on Saturday replied on Twitter to a woman asking him to help the protesters.


" I wish I could help. At this point, it seems that voting at the next election is the remedy," Musk replied.


After the protest crowds swelled on the three (3) previous weekends, police set up 100 roadblocks around the downtown core on Friday to deny people access and prevent food and fuel from getting in.




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Sunday, 27 February 2022

Taklimat Ringkas Sebelum Penamaan Calon Bertanding Kerusi AJP PPK Lawas




HONG KONG - on Friday, February 18, 2022 postponed an election for a new leader until May 2022 to battle a raging COVID-19 outbreak, but unlike previous years, there's still no front - runner for the job, adding to uncertainty about the city's future as Beijing imposes its rule.


The former British colony returned to China in 1997, since when there have been four chief executives, all of whom struggled to balance the democratic aspirations of some residents with the vision of China's Communist Party leaders.


All of the city's leaders have been backed by Beijing and chosen by a small committee stacked with Beijing loyalists.


But unlike previous times, where likely candidates have signalled their intention to run months in advance, there's no clear favourite.


Diplomats, government sources and political observers say that's partly because there's no obvious indication of China's favourite in the " chief executive election " that had been due on March 27 but has now been pushed back till May 08, 2022 to allow time for the government to battle a deteriorating COVID-19 outbreak.


" Suddenly there's a lot of shadow play, " one senior Western diplomat said. " The protracted sense of uncertainty surrounding this election cannot be a good thing."


Whoever gets the job will be expected to maintain China's hardline stance on dissent, some observers say, and further squeeze remnant liberal pockets of Hong Kong society with more security legislation expected to be drafted this year.


Parallel to that, Hong Kong's next leader will have to attempt to re-launch the city internationally after widespread Western criticism over the security squeeze that followed months of at times violent pro-democracy protests in 2019.


Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Friday, February 18, 2022 again skirted questions on whether she would seek another term and her office gave no immediate response to a media request for comment.


Among the contenders being discussed in political circles are Lam, financial secretary Paul Chan, former leader Leung Chun-ying, the China - born former head of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Charles Li, and pro-Beijing lawmaker Martin Liao.



One source with ties to senior Chinese officials said China had not yet made up its mind on whether to allow Lam to stay on for a second term, adding she was under a shadow for her handling of events that led up to the year 2019 protests.

" I know Beijing feels they mad a mistake " in choosing Lam when she got the job in year 2017, said the person, who has met leading Chinese officials in charge of Hong Kong affairs.

" She's damaged goods in their eyes, but finding a suitable alternative has been difficult."

Lam has also been sanctioned by the United States for her role in the crackdown on the protests, which could be a liability, analysts say.

" The Chinese government's rational choice would be to change horse and to appoint someone who's not been targeted by the sanctions, to start on a new page, " said Jean-Pierre Cabestan, a Hong Kong-based professor and China politics expert.

The surge of COVID-19 infections after many months of containing the virus with tough restrictions has also re-enforced public perceptions of a government unable to handle crises.

This week ( February 18, 2022 ), Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Hong Kong to make COVID-19 containment its " overriding mission " in what some, including Cabestan, saw as a clear rebuke of Lam.

Lam on Friday, February 18, 2022 said she'd decided to postpone the election using powers under emergency regulations, and that she'd obtained the " consent " of Beijing.

While Lam hoped a new leader would still have time to take office on July 01 after her current term ends, she said she couldn't rule out the possibility of further delays to the poll.

" The epidemic situation is changing so rapidly so no one can give any guarantee what will happen the next day, " she said.



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Saturday, 26 February 2022

Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan PPK Lawas Tahun 2021 Kali Ke 40




JAPAN is set to announce on Thursday, February 17, 2022 that it will ease border controls put in place to counter the spread of the Coronavirus, measures that are the strictest among wealthy nations and have been slammed by business leaders and educators.

About 150,000 foreign students have been kept out of the country, along with workers desperately needed by an aging nation with a shrinking population, prompting warnings of labour shortages and damage to Japan's international reputation.

Japan briefly eased its border rules, which have effectively kept the nation closed to non-residents for two (2) years, late in 2021 but tightened them again just weeks later as the Omicron Variant emerged overseas.

Among the measures set to be announced will be raising the number of people allowed to enter Japan to 5,000 a day from the current 3,500 according to media reports.

Others are likely to include shortening the required quarantine period, currently a week, to three (3) days under certain circumstances, such as the coronavirus risk level in the nation people travel from and whether they are fully vaccinated, including a booster shot.

Japan designates 82 nations as " high risk " and requires three (3) or six (6) days of mandatory hotel quarantine as part of the week of isolation for many. Two (2) weeks of quarantine were required until mid-January.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is expected to announce the new measures at a news conference on Thursday, February 17, 2022. They would take effect in stages from March, reported by media.

Kishida and his government have hailed the tight border controls for buying Japan time as Omicron Variant surged around the world, and a vast majority of the public supports them.


Yet with the variant now widespread in Japan, which is struggling to roll out booster shots, business leaders and some politicians have warned the measures are obsolote.

For Kishida, who faces a crucial election in July, deciding when and how to change the measures has been tricky, said political analyst Atsuo Ito.

" If you look at the overall situation now in Japan, they're meaningless; you can get the virus anywhere. But as a result of having them, he got a lot of public support," he said.

If they are not changed, Ito added, " the result over the long term is that Japan is going to be left behind the rest of the world."

But the response on social media was overwhelmingly scathing, with many people questioning why border rules would be eased while much of Japan remains under restrictions due to the coronavirus and others suggesting Kishida was simply buckling to criticism.



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Friday, 25 February 2022

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan




BANGKOK - Thailand royalists on Thursday, February 16, 2022 stepped up their campaign to drive out the country's branch of rights group Amnesty International, handing over copies of a petition to government ministries that they say is backed by more than a million signatures.


About 200 protesters - mainly clad in yellow, a color closely associated with the monarchy - gathered opposite Government House in Bangkok. Representatives from the Labor Ministry and the National Security Council accepted envelopes containing their demands. The group later submitted the petition to the Interior Ministry.


The activists, members of various small nationalist groups, say Amnesty International is a threat to the country's peace and security because it criticized a court ruling that said calls to reform the country's constitutional monarchy are illegal.


The monarchy is revered by many Thailand and until recently was almost universally treated as a sacrosanct pillar of Thailand identity. Its reputation is fiercely guarded by the country's ruling elite, including the courts and the military.


Critics of the royal institution say it has too much influence in politics and is not accountable.


" We are here to proclaim that what they have done from the past until now - we are not happy with them, and we will ask our prime minister, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, to take action with this, " said one of the protesters, 60-year-old Chutima Liamthong.


The petition was launched after Amnesty International criticized the Constitutional Court for ruling that three pro-democracy activists who had called for reform of the monarchy were committing sedition by attempting to overthrow the nation's system of government with the king as head of state.


The activists say they have gathered 1.2 million signatures in support of their campaign, but that figure has yet to be confirmed.


Seksakol Atthawong, a vice minister in the Prime Minister's Office who has been spearheading the move against the organization, was uncompromising as he addressed the protesters on Thursday, February 16, 2022.


" Thailand lived in peace, Thailand lived normally until these people came to support those who want to overthrow the monarchy, destroy national security, destroy the running of the country, destroy the normal Thailand way of life and create chaos in the country," he said.


The petition against Amnesty International, which originated last November year 2021, has been organized alongside a longer-term effort to enact a law to increase regulation of non-governmental organizations, intimidate people who criticize the government.


Amnesty International's Thailand branch declined a request for an interview.


The organization said in a statement released Wednesday, February 16, 2022 it is " committed to continuing to promote and protect human rights for people in the country " and is open to answering any questions the Thailand government may have about its work.


" While we recognize that the Royal Thailand Government has a duty to protect public order and national security, we continue to highlight that authorities must do so in a manner that is in accordance with international human rights law, and that is proportionate, necessary and fulfills the government's obligations to ensure and facilitate respect for human rights, including the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly," the statement said.




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Thursday, 24 February 2022

Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Lawas Kali Ke 40 Tah...



PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR :Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh has demanded senior defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein's resignation after he was caught breaching COVID-19 SOPs at an event in Johor Baharu.


Yeoh said the breach, at an MIC event, was " unforgivable " given that Hishammuddin chairs the COVID-19 Quartet Ministers' Meeting and is charged with managing and announcing COVID-19 SOPs.


" This is a grave leadership failure and Hishammuddin must resign or be removed as a senior minister.


" Hishammuddin should not be put in charge of managing and announcing COVID-19 SOPs at the national level anymore," she said in a statement on February 14, 2022.


Yeah questioned how the public could trust him in deciding SOPs moving forward.


Hishammuddin had been caught on video mingling in a crowd during the launch of the Johor MIC Brigade in Kota Iskandar, Johor Baharu on February 13, 2022.


He later admitted in a Tweet he was in the wrong and that " no one is above the law ", including himself.


Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin subsequently ordered a compound notice to be issued to him after violating physical distancing rules.


MIC President SA Vigneswaran and Johor Barisan Nasional Chairman Hasni Mohammad, who is also the incumbent Johor Menteri Besar, were also issued compound notices for breaching SOPs.




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Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Pasar Malam Kota Kinabalu Sabah




LANGKAWI, KEDAH : Two (2) children, both from Myanmar Nationals, died after eating food they scrounged from a rubbish bin in Kampung Baru Sungai Tepa, Bukit Malut on February 13, 2022.


The brothers, Nizambudin Jamaludin, 4, and Ngei 2, reportedly died at a neighbour's home near where the rubbish bin was located.


Langkawi district police chief, Assistant Commissioner Shariman Ashari said the police were notified of the incident at 1815 pm and immediately rushed to the location.


" The boys' father found his sons near the rubbish bin in a disoriented manner. He then took them to his neighbour's house.


" The boys stopped breathing several minutes later. One of the villagers then contacted the police," he said in a statement that night.


Shariman reported both boys were believed to have eaten food they had fished out from the rubbish bin.


" Medical personnel confirmed their deaths. The bodies were then brought to the Sultanah Maliha Hospital's forensic department for a post-mortem examination and COVID-19 test.


" For now, the case has been classified as sudden death. Further investigations are ongoing," he said.


It is under stood that both boys, who lived with their father, did not have a home and lived with their neighbour in the village.


Their father fixed boats and took on odd-jobs in the village to earn money.




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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Pasar Malam Pilipin Kota Kinabalu Sabah🥰




WINDSOR, ONTARIO/WASHINGTON/OTAWWA - North America's busiest trade link will reopen for traffic on Sunday, February 13, 2022, ending a six-day blockade, a top United States official said, after Canadian police cleared the protesters fighting to end COVID-19 restrictions.


Canadian police made several arrests on Sunday, February 13, 2022 and cleared protesters and vehicles that occupied the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, following a court order on Friday. 


The blockade has choked the supply chain for Detroit's carmakers, forcing Ford Motor Co, the second-largest United States automaker, General Motors Co and Toyota Motor Corp to cut production.


" Canadian authorities intend to reopen the Ambassador Bridge today after completing necessary safety checks," White House Homeland Security adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall reported.


The bridge carries about $360 million a day in two (2)-way cargoes - 25% of the value of all United States - Canada goods trade.


" We stand ready to support our Canadian partners wherever useful in order to ensure the restoration of the normal free flow of commerce can resume, " the statement added.


A Windsor Police official told reporters that between 20 and 30 arrests were made. Police also seized vehicles within the demonstration area, according to an earlier statement.


Police stepped up their presence on Sunday, February 13, 2022 with more than 50 vehicles, including cruisers, buses and an armoured car, as the number of protesters dropped to around 45 from roughly 100 on Saturday, February 12, 2022. Windsor Police wrote in Twitter " there will be zero tolerance for illegal activity ".


In Ottawa, counter protests started blocking vehicles trying to join the protests on Sunday, with residents losing patience over the three-week-old demonstrations.


In the Western Canadian province of British Columbia, the Pacific highway border crossing in Surrey was temporarily closed on Sunday afternoon, for a second day, by a group of about 200 protesters, according to a media photographer on the scene that day. A small group of protesters gathered on United States side of the border, blocking incoming vehicles.


The " Freedom Convoy " protests, started in the national capital Ottawa by Canadian truckers opposing a vaccinate-or-quarantine mandate for cross-border drivers, entered its 17th day on Sunday. But it has now morphed into a rallying point against broader COVID-19 curbs, carbon tax and other issues, with people joining in cars, pick-up trucks and farm vehicles.


" We're fed up, we're tired. We want Ottawa to be boring again," said an Ottawa resident at a counter protest in front of the city's police headquarters.


The Canadian government has discussed whether to invoke special emergency powers to deal with the protests in the capital, Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair told CBC News on Sunday. Blair said the lack of police enforcement in Ottawa was " INEXPLICABLE ".


The rarely used Emergencies Act would allow the federal government to override the provinces and authorize special temporary measures to ensure security during national emergencies anywhere in the country. It has only been used once in peacetime ( BY TRUDEAU's FATHER, FORMER PRIME MINISTER PIERRE TRUDEAU--IN 1970's.


Strangling bilateral trade,  protests have spread to three border points, including in Alberta and Manitoba. Canadian police have said the protests have been partly funded by United States supporters, and Ontario froze funds donated via one United States platform GiveSendGo on Thursday.


The estimated loss so far from the blockades to the auto industry alone could be as high as $850 million, based on IHS Markit's data, which puts the 2021 daily flow in vehicles and parts at $141.1 million a day.


" Today, our national economic crisis at the Ambassador Bridge came to an end, " Windsor City Mayor Drew Dilkens said in Tweet.


In Europe, a convoy of 150 cars protesting COVID-19 restrictions left Paris on Sunday, February 13, 2022 morning and headed towards Brussels, reported by protesters.



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Monday, 21 February 2022

Jalan Jalan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu Sabah BAH🥰




KUALA LUMPUR, FEBRUARY 13, 2022 : The daughter of property tycoon father Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, Datin Dian Lee Cheng Ling who has been appointed as a member of the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance's (MUDA) central executive committee cannot choose her father, the party's president Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman said.


News Portal The Vibes on February 13, 2022  was reported Syed Saddiq stressing that MUDA has limited the amount of money each person can donate to the political party.

" Dian cannot choose who her father is. But MUDA will be uncompromising in our way to move the country forward.

" We are also one of the few parties with a funding cap on every donor, " he was quoted saying last night, February 13, 2022 in an event in Johor Baharu.

He was also reported saying that there would be checks and balances in relation to proposals through the diverse views in MUDA.


Dian Lee as she in known, became a member of MUDA on December 23, 2021 and is currently a CEC member of the party.


On February 10, 2022, Dian mentioned she had been associated her whole life with her property tycon father whenever she wanted to do something, but hoped that the public would view her as an independent person.


On February 11, 2022, Dian also wrote on Personal Twitter that she understood the sceptism over her involvement in politics due to Malaysians having been hurt and being frustrated with the state of the country, but pointed out that she " cannot dictate who my father is " and emphasised that she has her own principles, values and beliefs.


The entrepreneur had also written on Personal Twitter that she did not join a new opposition party enrichment and that there is more to lose than to gain, adding that she would show Malaysians that her " heart and intentions are to build a more progressive, transparent, and inclusive Malaysia for the sake of our future and children."


In the same report by The Vibes, Syed Saddiq says about 92 per cent of MUDA members are those who are new to politics.

While Syed Saddiq said MUDA members include those who were formerly leaders in other political parties, he pointed out that MUDA does not accept elected representatives who jump parties.

He reportedly listed MUDA vice-president Zaidel Baharuddin who was a Barisan Nasional youth secretary, and MUDA Selangor chief being formerly a top leader in Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia and MUDA climate change chief Afiqah Zulkifli as being a former top student leader in PAS.

" They are not elected reps but people with proven track records of service, and these are people we want to welcome in MUDA, " he said.

MUDA recently attracted controversy over the appointment of Nurainie Haziqah Shafii as the party's CEC member, due to her previous roles as a PKR Srikandi head and Bersatu Srikandi executive council member.

Nurainie Haziqah had on February 12, 2022 and wrote on She Personal Twitter that she accepted with an open heart the criticism made over her becoming a MUDA member and CEC member, adding that she would continue her work over issues such as those linked to women, children, refugees, stateless and citizenship issues which she said were in line with MUDA's principles and ideology of promoting politics of service and virtues.



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Sunday, 20 February 2022

Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia Monument 2022 🥰




More than a dozen countries have urged their citizens to flee Ukraine amid warnings from Western powers that an invasion by Russia could be imminent.


The United States, Germany and United Kingdom are among those who told foreign nationals to leave.


Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said warnings of imminent invasion could stoke panic, which he said was " the best friend of our enemies".


Moscow has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops along Ukraine's border but denies any intent to invade.


The White House has warned that an invasion could happen at any time, and that an invasion could begin with bombing from the air. Russia characterised such allegations as " PROVOCATIVE SPECULATION ".


President Zeelnsky of Ukraine said that if Western powers had any firm evidence of an impending invasion, he had yet to see it.


" I think there is too much information in the media about a deep, full-scale war, " he said.


" We understand all the risks, we understand that they exist. If you or someone else has additional 100% reliable information about the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine...PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US."


Diplomatic efforts continued on Saturday, February 12, 2022. French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Russian leader Vladimir Putin for more than 90 minutes by phone, telling him that " a sincere dialogue was not compatible with escalation ", according to notes released by the French embassy.


United States President Joe Biden spoke to the Russian President in turn for just over an hour. United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken had earlier told his Russian counterpart, Mr Lavrov, that diplomatic channels remained open.


Many countries, including Australia, Italy, Israel, The Netherlands and Japan Country have told their citizens to leave Ukraine. Some have evacuated diplomatic staff. On Saturday, February 12, 2022, Slovakia became the latest country to withdraw family members of embassy staff from the country.


Non-essential staff have been ordered to leave the United States Embassy in Ukraine's capital Kyiv, and consular services will be suspended from Sunday, although " a small consular presence " will remain in the western city of Lviv " TO HANDLE EMERGENCIES ".


Canada is also moving its embassy staff to Lviv, near the border with Poland, Canadian media reported. United Kingdom ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons has tweeted that she and a " CORE TEAM " are staying in Kyiv.


The United States has also pulled some 150 troops who were training Ukrainian soldiers out of the country, citing an abundance of caution. And Dutch airline KLM announced it would stop flying to Ukraine, effective immediately, Dutch media reported.


Russia itself is also making changes, saying it would " OPTIMISE THE STAFFING " of its diplomats in Ukraine, citing " POSSIBLE ACTS OF PROVOCATION BY THE KYIV REGIME OR THIRD COUNTRIES ".


With foreign embassies withdrawing staff and a host of countries now telling their citizens to leave Ukraine, Kyiv still doesn't feel like a city in crisis.


The government here is telling people to stay calm and united and, in the words of a statement that morning, refrain from actions that undermine stability and sow panic. President Zelensky said the country had to be ready for any eventuality.


All across the country, foreign citizens are now making hurried plans. Stuart McKenzie, who's lived in Kyiv for 28 years and runs as successful business, hopes to get his wife and two (2) sons out on a flight. But he is ready, if necessary, to pack the family into the car and drive 300 miles to Poland. He loves Ukraine and can't quite believe it's come to this.


At the British Embassy, we found tight-lipped staff loading bags into a car and driving off. No-one seemed keen to talk.


Not far to the north, across the border in Belarus, Russia's war games are now well under way. Russian defence ministry pictures, released on this morning, February 12, 2022, showed multiple rocket launchers being fired. Moscow still says it has no plans to invade. But there's a lot the Russians can do without ever setting foot inside Ukraine.


In Kyiv, meanwhile, several thousand people marched through the city on Saturday, February 12, 2022, chanting slogans pledging loyalty to Ukraine and resistance to any Russian invasion. The March was organised by a right-wing nationalist group called Gonor and anti-Zelensky far-right activist Sergiy Sternenko, but it attracted a wider crowd.


BBC was reported Eleanor Montague said the demonstration was not huge, but was the first significant manifestation of public feeling since tensions escalated, finishing at the symbolic Maidan Square.


Sasha Nizelska, who works as a nanny in Kyiv, reported to the BBC that she would resist a Russian attack with all means in her power. The sentiment was repeated by people of all age groups attending the demonstration, as reported.


Tensions have steadily increased as Russia has continued to deploy troops along Ukraine's eastern border. Russian troops are also staging military exercises in Belarus to the north, while naval exercises in the Sea of Azov in the south-east have led to accusations that Russia is blocking Ukraine's access to the sea.




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