Lockdown What You Can Do ?

The imposition of travel bans and lockdowns around the world in response to the Pandemic Coronavirus outbreak has caused businesses and also movements especially to slow down or in some cases even cease operations. Italy's nationwide (for example) lockdown has taken a toll on tourism companies like Savour Italy Tours whose clients (100 percent of them) cancelled tips on its peak months from April 2020 until June 2020, even going as far as September 2020. United Kingdom (UK) car services operator Chauffeur Services Direct already lost nearly 80 percent of bookings as traveling becomes close to impossible. They even had to lay off workers to minimize costs brought about by a drop in clients. Some businesses who rely on China for raw materials are also in danger of running out of supply.

This cycle of delays, declines and eventually termination will continuously affect individuals, businesses and also countries worldwide. But this doesn't mean the industry will remain immobile. While Metro Manila braces for its community quarantine, here are things you can do to remain productive and maintained operational.

1 * Outsource Your Work

Since the rest of your team will be on lockdown, you can try to employ people outside your area especially if there are critical tasks at hand. Treat this as a backup plan in case there's a duty you can't delay. Always be prepared with a list of people you can trust to carry out what is expected of them. Be specific with delegating work as you may not be able to personally attend to it once there's a misunderstanding on the assigned job.

2 * Utilize Technology

We are well aware of the advice on social distancing - we can't risk physical contact, even face-to-face meetings, with people from areas where the virus is confirmed. You can still carry on with your important meetings or conferences but it would be safer to do these tasks on digital platforms. Here, you are achieving the same output without jeopardizing anyone's health.

3* Prepare A Work - From - Home Scheme

This is a reality most businesses have to face. Because you always have to prioritize the health and safety of your employees more than profiting from your daily operations, it is necessary that you devise a plan wherein you can still get the job done from your own homes. Communications is the key when it comes to a smooth transition from office work to remote work. Coordinate this thoroughly with your team to ensure that everything works best for your employees and your business.

4 * Ingenious Home Spa Ideas From Health & Wellness Experts

Looking after our own health, both physical and mental, has never been more important than during these unprecedented times. The COVID -19 pandemic has put our lives on hold and it is all too easy to let the situation get the better of us.

5 * Meet With Your Team

Before you decide on any major changes in your business, consult with your employees. It's important that they understand...

i) What the current situation is ?

ii) Why is there a lockdown ? 

iii) What is the next step ?

iv) Is it still safe to run operations ?

Never leave your employees in the dark. Keep them updated on the decision of the management and constantly give them reminders on precautionary measures. More importantly, listen to what they have to say and consider their suggestions.

6 * Reorganize And Virus -  Proof Your Area

It's about time you catch up on inventory and databases. While you have the liberty to go over your establishment, check up on things you can fix and arrange : files, equipment, and also raw materials. Do a rundown of your logistics so you don't miss anything. A general cleaning (including fumigation and disinfection) of your workplace will help in stopping the spread of the virus.

7 * The Best Online Workout Classes To Stream At Home 

To keep up with your fitness and help relieve stress, these tailored workouts not only feel like you're taking a boutique fitness class, but they make it easy - and fun - to stay in shape. 

8 * Christie's Virtual Tours

Christie's, which has seen some truly priceless artifacts come through its auction houses over its 250 - year history, is now offering free virtual tours of four of its notable and most recent exhibitions.

9 * Take A Virtual Safari With Game Experts

The COVID -19 Pandemic has put paid to all travel plans indefinitely, including those who had once-in-a-lifetime safaris booked. But game lodges are working hard to bring the wonders of the natural world to your home through virtual safaris.

10 * The Best Travel Movies To Watch During Self - Isolation

Keep your wanderlust alive by gorging on the best travel movies of all time. 

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VIRAL " First Case UK COVID - 19 Mutation - France "


The first case of a particularly infectious coronavirus variant that recently emerged in Britain has been confirmed in France, the health ministry said on Friday (Dec 25,2020).

The person - a French citizen living in Britain - is asymptomatic and self-isolating at home in Tours in Central of France.

The person arrived from London on Dec 19,2020 and was tested in hospital on Dec 21, 2020 and found to be positive for the strain of the virus known as VOC 202012/01.

" The health authorities have carried out contact-tracing for the health professionals taking care of the patient," the ministry informed in a statement.

Any of their contacts that were seen as vulnerable would similarly be isolate, stated in statement.

In addition to this first case, " to date, several positive samples that may suggest the VOC 202112/01 variant are being sequenced " by the specialist laboratories of the national Pasteur Institute, the statement added.

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" How To Control Anger With 25 Tips "

25 Tips Can Help You Stay Calm

Anger actually is a normal feeling and also can be a positive emotion when it can helps you work through issues or the problems, whether that's at work or at your home.

However, anger also can become problematic if it leads to physical altercations, aggression or outbursts.

Anger control is important for helping you avoid saying or doing something you may regret. Before anger escalates, you can use specific strategic for controlling anger.

For That, here I am sharing are 25 ways to control your anger. And don't forget to read until end. Thank You. 

1 # Take A Breather

Your breathing becomes shallower and speeds up as you grow angry. Reverse that trend (and your anger) by taking slow, deep breaths from your nose and exhaling out of your mouth for several moments.

2 # Count Down

Count down (or up) to 10. If you're really mad, start at 100. In the time it takes you to count, your heart rate will slow, and your anger will likely subside.

3 # Relax Your Muscles

Progressive Muscle Relaxion calls on you to tense and slowly relax various muscle groups in your body, one at a time. As you tense and release, take slow and deliberate breaths.

4 # Stretch

Neck rolls and shoulder rolls are good examples of nonstrenuous yoga-like movements that can help you to control your body and harness your emotions. No fancy equipment are required.

5 # Play Some Tunes

Let Music carry you away from your feelings. Put in earbuds or slip out to your car. Crank up your favorite music and hum, bop, or sashay your anger away.

6 # Stop Talking

When you're steamed, you may be tempted to let the angry words fly, but you're more likely to do harm than good. Pretend your lips are glued shut, just like you did as a kid. This moment without speaking will give you time to collect your thoughts.

7 # Repeat A Mantra

Find a word or phrase that helps you calm down and refocus. Repeat that word again and again to yourself when you're upset. " Relax, " " Take it easy, and " You'll be OK " are all good examples.

8 # Go Walk Around

Doing Exercise can help your nerves and also can help to reduce your anger. Go For A Walk, ride your bike, or hit a few golf balls. Anything that gets your limbs pumping is good for your mind and your body.

9 # Take Action

Harness your angry energy. Sign a petition. Write a note to an official. Do something good for someone else. Pour your energy and emotions into something that's healthy and productive.

10 # Write In Your Journal

What you can't say, perhaps you can write. Jot down what you're feeling and how you want to respond. Processing it through the written word can help you calm down and reassess the events leading up to your feelings.

11 # Take A Timeout

Give yourself a break. Sit away from others. In this quiet time, you can process events and return your emotions to neutral. You may even find this time away from others is so helpful you want to schedule it into your daily routine.

12 # Mentally Escape

Slip into a quite room, close your eyes, and practice visualizing yourself in a relaxing scene. Focus on details in the imaginary scene : What color is the water ? How tall are the mountains ? What do the chirping birds sound like ? This practice can help you find calm amidst anger.

13 # Find A Creative Channel

Turn your anger into a tangible production. Consider painting, gardening, or writing poetry when you're upset. Emotions are powerful muses for creative individuals. Use yours to reduce anger.

14 # Express Your Anger

It's OK to say how you feel, as long as you handle it in the right way. Ask a trusted friend to help you be accountable to a calm response. Outbursts solve no problems, but mature dialogue can help reduce your stress and ease your anger. It may also prevent future problems.

15 # Practice Empathy

Try to walk in the other person's shoes and see the situation from their perspective. When you tell the story or relive the events as they saw it, you may gain a new understanding and become less angry.

16 # Imaging Forgiving Them

Finding the courage to forgive someone who has wronged you takes a lot of emotional skill. If you can't go that far, you can at least pretend that you're forgiving them, and you'll feel your anger slip away.

17 # Write A Letter

Write a letter or email to the person that made you angry. Then, delete it. Often, expressing your emotions is some form is all you want, even if it's in something that will never be seen.

18 # Set A Timer

The first thing that comes to mind when you're angry likely isn't the thing you should say. Give yourself a set time before you respond. This time will help you be calmer and more concise.

19 # Practice Gratitude

Take a moment to focus on what's right when everything feels wrong. Realizing how many good things you have in your life can help you neutralize anger and turn around the situation.

20 # Laugh

Nothing upends a bad mood like a good one. Diffuse your anger by looking for ways to laugh, whether that's playing with your kids, watching stand-up, or scrolling memes.

21 # Talk To A Friend

Don't stew in the events that made you angry. Help yourself process what happened by talking with a trusted, supportive friend who can possibly provide a new perspective.

22 # Change Your Routine

If your slow commute to work makes you angry before you've even had coffee, find a new route. Consider options that may take longer but leave you less upset in the end.

23 # Picture A Stop Sign

The universal symbol to stop can help you calm down when you're angry. It's a quick way to help you visualize the need to halt yourself, your actions, and walk away from the moment.

24 # Rehearse Your Response

Prevent an outburst by rehearsing what you're going to say or how you're going to approach the problem in the future. This rehearsal period gives you time to role-play several possible solutions, too.

25 # Find The Most Immediate Solution

You might be angry that your child has once again left their room a mess before going to visit a friend. Shut the door. You can temporarily end your anger by putting it out of your view. Look for similar resolution in any situations.


Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, if you find your anger turns to aggression or outbursts, you need to find healthy ways to deal with anger.

If these tips don't help, consider talking with your doctor. A mental health specialist or therapist can help you work through underlying factors that may contribute to anger and other emotional issues.

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VIRAL " Lelaki pun hebat menghias pelamin kawin "


VIRAL " Suara Ala Saloma P Ramlee Dari Matang Kuching - Awesome "


" Why Gossip Happened "

What A Reason We're Inclined To Gossip ?

In its most straight forward form, gossip is simply talking about someone who isn't present. It can happen through cupped hands into an ear, under industrial-strength blow dryers, via Slack at your office, or, really, in any number other ways. But, fact remains it certainly happens and nearly all people engage in it ( or at least have done so in the past ). 

But before you bemoan the seedy nature of humanity given this reality, note that scientific research disagree with the dictionary's negative-learning specification that in order for material to be classified as gossip, it must be inclusive of sensational and / or highly personal facts.

According to one extensive meta-analysis on gossip published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, gossip is often neutral or even positive, as in, not necessarily " reflecting badly on the target. " So, that's good news, but I'm still left to wonder, Why do people gossip in the first place ?

" When it's something light and fun, it can help people feel like they belong, because they share relationships, have shared experiences, and often shared values," says clinical psychologist Aimee Daramus, PsyD. This explains why it's so satisfying to dish with a colleague about two other co-workers who are probably-definitely dating-- even if you have no personal connection to anyone involved. The act allows us to form memories ( even if they're micro in terms of depth and importance ) with whomever we're sharing the gossip, which in turn, fosters a sense of belonging.

What gossip mostly is, though, is cultural learning, something that helps shape what behavior we find acceptable or unacceptable. Perhaps that's why one 2011 study found that our brains tend to focus on those who do troublesome things. 

For the experiment, participants looked at the face of someone they didn't know and then learned a piece of gossip about them. What researchers found is that participants focused longer on the faces of people who did bad things, but not those who simply had bad things happen to them. In this sense, gossip turns into a tool that helps us filter whom to befriend and avoid--without doing any of that legwork to discover what you actually think. ( and, um, you should try and still do that legwork if possible).

" When Gossip Is Light and Fun, It Can Help People Feel Like They Belong, Because They Share Relationships, Have Shared Experiences, And Often Shared Values." 

The implications here aren't necessarily bad -- but they can be. " Gossip can help enforce social norms, both for good and bad." " If we know we'll be talked about, we might control our behavior a little more. This can help prevent problems. But if you take it too far, it can be dehumanizing." That's because if you're at the center of something negative -- and at some point, you surely will be -- your rough break up becomes someone else's exciting news. You make a small mistake, and somehow everyone not only knows but is deriving sick enjoyment from breathing new life into it by continually talking about it. Soon, it's easy for all people involved -- the gossipers and source of gossip -- to forget that none of the exchanges paint a full picture of whatever the person is going through.

Unfortunately, it's hard to simply put idle ( and often harmful ) chitchat to bed. " People are worried about the consequences of disagreeing with the group." " Gossip can bond people, but where there's an in-group, there's someone left out. Gossip can be a way of letting people know who's not in."

To wit, the light side of gossip can bring people together. The dark side of gossip can cut people off with knife-like precision. But the psychological reason we do engage in it all all is to reinforce our own cultural values...which, largely, end up being neutral.

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VIRAL " Vaksin Memudaratkan Manusia - COVID 19 "

Mufti Perlis Jelaskan Hukum Wajib Ke Atas Vaksin

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 DISEMBER 2020 (sabtu) :

Mufti Perlis hari ini telah menjelaskan kewajaran dalam memastikan vaksin perlu dan wajib diambil oleh masyarakat kita seluruhnya.

Datuk Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin turut memaklumkan bahawa, kemestian untuk seluruh masyarakat negara ini untuk mengambil vaksin bagi manfaat pengguna dan semestinya ia tidak memudaratkan pengguna ataupun penerima.

" Jika ianya dapat dibuktikan secara saintifik bahawa sesuatu vaksi itu boleh memudaratkan ke atas pengguna dan juga badan yang menerimanya, maka kerajaan dan juga pemerintah harus tidak memaksa rakyatnya mengambil walaupun secara percuma.

" Dan jika ianya tidak dapat dibuktikan perkara sedemikian maka, pemerintah boleh membuktikan kepentingan vaksin tersebut kepada seluruh rakyatnya berkaitan kebaikan serta keselamatan sesuatu vaksin. Kesimpulannya kerajaan dan juga pemerintah berhak untuk menetapkan bahawa rakyat mesti mengambilnya.

Beliau turut mengulas isu vaksin wabak pandemik COVID-19 yang masih menjadi polemik dalam masyarakat kita berhubungnya status kehalalan dan juga kesan sampingan ke atas pengguna kelak.

Fatwa penggunaan COVID -19 sedang diperhalusi oleh Yang di-Pertuna Agong selepas Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan selesai berbincang mengenainya.

Kerajaan kini sedang berusaha untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak vaksin COVID -19 bagi menampung keperluan seluruh rakyat di negara ini yang mudah terjejas akibat Wabak COVID -19.

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VIRAL " Fast Ways To Reduce Cholesterol "

The Ways To Control Your Cholesterol !

If you have high of cholesterol, you're also at higher risk for heart disease. 

But the good news is, it's a risk you can control. 

You can lower your " BAD " LDL Cholesterol and raise your 

" GOOD " HDL Cholesterol. 

You just have to make some simple changes in your life.

" I tell my friend that you have to start somewhere and just keep going, and also attending cardiologist at any hospital nearest to you. 

" As you adopt lifestyle changes, everything starts shifting, and the improvements you see at 6 weeks often increase by 3 months."

You still may need to take medicine to get your cholesterol back on track. 

But if you make just a few, small changes, you might be able to lower your dose and chance of side effects.

Follow these simple tips to cut your cholesterol and get back on the road to good health. Insya Allah.

Here...I am sharing 11 Tips To Cut Your Cholesterol Fast !!!

1 # Ban Tans Fats

" They raise your LDL, lower your HDL, and increase your risk of developing heart disease and stroke," Steinbaum saids. But it's hard to avoid them. They're found in friend foods, baked goods (cookies, frozen pizza, pie crusts and cakes), and stick margarines.

That's why the FDA is taking steps to remove them from the food supply. How can you avoid them in the meantime? When you go shopping, read the labels. But be careful if you see "partially hydrogenated oil" on the package. That's just a fancy name for trans fat.

2 # Scale Back

You don't have to lose a lot of weight to lower your cholesterol. If you're overweight, drop just 10 pounds and you'll cut your LDL by up to 8%. But to really keep off the pounds, you'll have to do it over time. A reasonable and safe goal is 1 to 2 pounds a week. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute notes that while inactive, overweight women usually need 1,000 to 1,200 calories daily for weight loss, active, overweight women and women weighing more than 164 pounds usually require 1,200 to 1,600 calories each day. If you're extremely active during your weight-loss program, you may require additional calories to avoid hunger.

3 # Get Moving

" Exercising at least 2 1/2 hours a week is enough to raise HDL and improve LDL and triglycerides, " says Sarah Samaan, MD, a cardiologist in Plano, TX. If you haven't been active, start slowly --even 10 minutes blocks of activity count. Choose an exercise you enjoy it. And buddy up: An exercise partner can help keep you on track.

4 # Fill Up On Fiber

Foods like oatmeal, apples, prunes, and beans are high in soluble fiber, which keeps your body from absorbing cholesterol. Researchers shows that people who ate 5 to 10 more grams of it each day saw a drop in their LDL. Eating more fiber also makes you feel full, so you won't crave snacks as much. But beware: Too much fiber at one (1) time can cause abdominal cramps or bloating. Increase your intake slowly.

5 # Go Fish

Try to eat it two (2) to four (4) times a week. " Not only are the omega - 3 fats in fish heart - healthy, but replacing red meat with fish lower your cholesterol by reducing your exposure to saturated fats, which are abundant in red meat." The catch? Some types, like shark, swordfish, and king mackerel, are high in mercury. That can increase your risk for heart disease. Instead, choose wild salmon, sardines, and bluefin tuna.

6 # Opt For Olive Oil

" Substituting olive oil for butter may reduce LDL cholesterol by as much as 15%, which is similar to the effect of a low dose of medication." The " good " fats in olive oil benefit your heart. Choose extra-virgin olive oil. It's less processed and contains more antioxidants, which help prevent disease.

7 # Go Nuts

Most types can lower LDL. The reason: They contain sterols, which, like fiber, keep the body from absorbing cholesterol. Just don't go overboard: Nuts are high in calories (an ounce of almonds packs 164!).

8 # Chill Out

Did you know that when you're stressed, your cholesterol can go through the roof? Relax. Get lost in a good book, meet a friend for coffee, or take to your yoga mat. It'll help keep your cholesterol in check.

9 # Spice It Up

If you don't already dust your cappuccino with cinnamon or shake pepper on your pasta, listen up: Spices like garlic, curcumin, ginger, black pepper, coriander, and cinnamon do more than flavor your food, they can also improve cholesterol. Researchers shows that eating a half to one (1) clove of garlic each day could lower cholesterol up to 9%. Bonus: Adding extra seasoning to your food also reduces your appetite, so it's easier to drop excess pounds.

10 # Butt Out

Smoking can raise LDL and lower HDL, and quitting often improves those numbers." In one study, people who stopped smoking saw their " GOOD " cholesterol rise 5% in one (1) year. But if you're regularly around smokers, take heed: Breathing secondhand smoke every day can also raise up the levels of bad cholesterol.

11 # Laugh More

Laughter is like medicine: It can helps increasing of HDL. Need to add some comic relief to our life? Check out silly pet videos online, sign up for a joke-a-day email, or watch funny movies. And don't forget to subscribe!

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VIRAL " Man Nabbed Over Theft Of 11 Bicycles In Sabah "


A local man who allegedly stole 11 bicycles and sold them for between RM 250 to RM 500 has been detained by police in Sembulan on Dec 15, 2020.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah police chief ACP Habibi Majinji said the suspect was arrested following a police report lodged by a victim who claimed to have lost two (2) bicycles from his home at Taman Sri Gaya, between 10 pm on Dec 14, 2020 and 7 am on Dec 15, 2020.

" Following the report, police managed to apprehend a man who they believed is the main suspect in the case along Jalan Sembulan, here around 2 pm on Dec 15, 2020.

" Police investigation revealed the suspect stole bicycles and sold them to unsuspecting buyers for RM 250 to RM 500 depending on the condition of the bicycles, " he said, adding that the suspect admitted to have stolen nine (9) bicycles, with losses estimated around RM 10,000, before he was finally arrested.

The suspect tested positive for drug abuse and has 10 criminal records, said Habibi.

The suspect is currently being remanded for investigation under Section 379 of the Penal Code for theft.

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VIRAL " Tier 3 and Tier 4 Christmas COVID Bubbles Will Cancelled "


Boris Johnson looks set to cancel Christmas for Londoners and Brits living in the South East and East of England amid fears a new variant of coronavirus is " Spreading Rapidly " in parts of the country, according to reports. 

A stay at home message is likely to be introduced for areas under a new Tier 4 while those in Tiers 1-3 will be allowed to form Christmas bubbles on December 25, 2020 only.

Are Christmas Bubbles 2020 Cancelled ?

Millions of Brits will have their Christmas cancelled with those only in Tiers 1-3 allowed to form bubbles on December 25, 2020.

The drastic move comes after Boris Johnson has been locked in a string of emergency talks last night and today over how to stop the deadly bug from spreading.

The PM hosted a cabinet call earlier this afternoon but he will address the nation at 4 pm, accompanied by England's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.

# Tier 1

Brits in Tier 1 areas can form a Christmas bubble.

However, these can only be formed on Christmas Day (December 25, 2020).

Previously, Christmas bubbles of three (3) households could be formed over a five (5) day period (December 23 - 27).

# Tier 2

The Government are likely to reveal that bubbles in Tier 2 areas can be formed but only on Christmas Day.

A stay local message is in place.

# Tier 3

Brits in Tier 1 areas can be formed but only on Christmas Day, it is being reported.

Brits under Tier 3 restrictions will be instructed to " Stay Local ".

# Tier 4

No Christmas bubbles will be allowed in areas under Tier 4 restrictions, according to reports.

Areas under Tier 4 restrictions are likely to be London, the south-east of England and the East of England.

The devolved administrations issued their own advice after a conference call with cabinet minister Michael Gove on December 16, 2020.

Wale's first minister Mark Drakeford said only two (2) households should form a bubble over Christmas 2020.

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon said people should meet up in small bubbles for just one (1) day over Christmas, with no overnight stays.

People should keep windows open and not share dishes if they can.

Scots should stay at home if they have not already made plans.

Which Areas Will Be Affected ?

The plan to allow Brits to form social bubbles over five (5) days is also expected to be thrown out, with only those in Tiers 1 to 3 allowed to form a bubble on Christmas Day itself, according to reports.

Among those most at risk of missing out on a Christmas with their loved ones are Kent and London with the new COVID strain reportedly spreading rapidly through the South East.

The variant is said to be 50 per cent more contagious than the original strain.

Tier 4

> London

> East of London

> The South East of London

Tier 3

East Midlands

> Bedfordshire

> Derby and Derbyshire

> Leicester and Leicestershire

> Lincolnshire

> Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

> Peterborough

North East : North East Combined Authority :

> Country Durham

> Newcastle Upon Tyne

> North Tyneside

> Gateshead

> Northumberland

> Sunderland

> South Tyneside

North East : Tees Valley Combined Authority :

> Darlington

> Hartlepool

> Middlesbrough

> Redcar and Cleveland

> Stockton-on-Tees

> Surrey - except Waverley, Hastings and Rother

North West

> Blackburn with Darwen

> Blackpool

> Greater Manchester

> Lancashire

South East

> Buckinghamshire

> Parts of Essex

> Hertfordshire

> Kent and Medway

> Slough (remainder of Berkshire is tier 2: High alert)

South West

> South Gloucestershire


> Gosport

> Havant

> Portsmouth

West Midlands

> Birmingham and Black Country

> Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent

> Warkwickshire, Coventry and Solihull

Yorkshire and The Humber

> East Riding of Yorkshire

> Kingston Upon Hull/Hull

> North East Lincolnshire

> North Lincolnshire

The Christmas Bubbles 2020 Rules ?

The Christmas is likely to be cancelled for London, the South East and East of England as areas are expected to be moved into Tier 4.

For areas in Tiers 1-3, there will be a strict " Stay Local " Christmas message.

The drastic action comes as a response to the new COVID Strain.

The Prime Minister could announce new travel restrictions on London and Kent on Saturday after a chilling warning from medics that is poised to ruin Christmas for millions.

It's not yet known what rules will be introduced following the festive period.

There is the possibility that England could be plunged into a third national lockdown although the PM has said he wants to " avoid " a full shutdown.

Northern Ireland and Wales will enter short-term lockdowns on December 26 and December 28, 2020 in a bid to curb rising coronavirus infections.

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth has called on Boris to set out how he intends to stem the spread of coronavirus in an address to the nation.

" It has been apparent for some days that the virus is again out of control in parts of the country. The Government's tiered system has failed to stem its spread.

" This is an incredibly serious moment and people are worried. The Prime Minister has refused to take action to limit the virus' spread over Christmas year 2020. All he has offered so far is confusion and indecision."

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VIRAL " Christmas 2020 Lockdown in Germany "


....Is to go into a hard lockdown over the Christmas period as infections and deaths from COVID -19 pandemic reach record levels.

Chancellor Angela Merkel blamed Christmas shopping for a " considerable " rise in crowds and super - spreader situations. She said it was the government's job to " prevent an overload of our health systems".

The new lockdown will run from Dec 16, 2020 to Jan 10, 2021. Announcing the move after meeting leaders of the country's 16 states, Merkel said there was " an urgent need to take action ".

Restaurants, bars and leisure centres have already been closed since November. Under the new national lockdown rules, essential shops will stay open. Outlets selling Christmas trees can also continue trading but hair salons must close.

New Year events and the sale of fireworks will be banned. Drinking alcohol in public places, such as stalls selling traditional Christmas gluhwein - hot spicy wine - is also forbidden.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said affected businesses would receive government support.

The latest official figures on Sunday showed 20,200 more infections, bringing Germany's total to date to more than 1.3 million. The death toll has risen by 321 to 21,787, the Robert Koch Institute says.

Germany was previously seen as relatively successful in controlling the pandemic compared to European neighbours, thanks in part to extensive testing and tracing. But there is a growing recognition among political leaders that what was dubbed " lockdown lite " has not achieved enough.

" If we're not careful, Germany could quickly become Europe's problem child, " Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Soder warned. " For that reason we must act. " He did not rule out Germany extending the lockdown beyond Jan 10, 2021.

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VIRAL " Falsified COVID - 19 Results, KKM Working With PDRM "

PUTRAJAYA : Health Director - General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says the ministry will be working with the cops and the human resources ministry over a police report regarding falsified COVID - 19 results under the name of a private clinic in Rawang.

He said the health ministry had been informed about the issue, thanking the doctor responsible, Dr Sathia Prakash Nadarajan, for lodging the report to the police.

It was reported that the falsified results were for workers from subcontracting firms involved in the public and private sectors.

" For private labs utilised by the health ministry, we always conduct periodic audits to ensure that tests meet the set standards. And we can use our public health laboratory information system (Simka) to identify if there are cases that have been falsified.

" Falsifying cases is an offence under Act 342 (Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1998), so action can be taken. We are also looking at taking action under other acts," he said at a press conference on Dec 16,2020.

Noor Hisham again defended his decision to allow quarantined MPs to be in the Dewan Rakyat for the final budget vote yesterday while donning personal protective equipment, saying some voters in Sabah had also worn similar PPE to cast their vote during the state poll.s

" Under Act 342, the health director - general has the authority to evaluate certain cases. For example, a person might want to visit if there is a death in the family or a relative is sick in hospital.

" It's not new as it was done earlier. We've allowed persons under surveillance (PUS) to be given time off to visit their family members or conduct certain urgent tasks as part of their work," he said.

The Sabah state polls in September, held following the dissolution of the state assembly, led to a third wave of COVID -19 infections in the country, with Malaysia overtaking China in total cases on Dec 16, 2020.

Addressing claims of COVID -19 patients being forced to wait for days before being transported to hospital for treatment, Noor Hisham said this could be due to a delay in their results being released or the district health office being notified late on the positive cases.

He said COVID -19 tests were currently being processed in some private labs, adding that some of these are not yet integrated under Simka.

" We need to integrate the data on positive cases. The district health office needs to be informed of positive cases. Once that is done, follow-up action will be done as soon as possible.

" We are aware there are hindrances in terms of implementation, maybe delays in results coming out. So we advise those who have been tested and suspected to be positive to stay at home and wait," he said.

He said the delays patients in Klang may be experiencing were similar to that faced by some in Sabah, reiterating that they should stay at home the whole time until an ambulance picks them up.

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VIRAL " 170 Kg Of Ketum Leaves Found In Driver Car - KEDAH "

KEDAH : A man in Kedah was arrested yesterday Dec 13, 2020, morning after he was found driving a car that contained about 170 kg worth of ketum leaves.

Police said today that they were following the 23-years-old driver from behind when the suspect suddenly stopped, jumped out of his car and ran. He was eventually caught.

" When he realized we were following him, the 23-years-old driver got out of his car and tried to make a run for it, but was caught," Abdul Ghani Mohammad Ji, the spokesman for the Kuala Perlis police department said. The man was arrested and assisted in investigations for possible smuggling.

" The suspect may have smuggled the ketum leaves from a neighboring country, but we cannot confirm it as investigations are still ongoing," Abdul said.

Seventeen (17) bags of the illegal substance said to be worth about RM 5,100.00 (US$ 1,230.00) were found in the car's boot and seats. The car was also seized.

If found guilty, the man faces a RM 10,000.00 fine and four (4) years in prison.

The use and distribution of the addictive ketum leaves are prohibited in Malaysia although growing ketum is allowed in neighboring countries such as Indonesia and also Thailand.

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VIRAL " Science & Technology - Electric Scooters Completely Banned On Malaysian Roads ? "

Electric Scooters (e-Scooter) :

Are a popular way for pedestrians to get around the city, and they also provide last mile connectivity for public transport users. In Kuala Lumpur for example, e-Scooters are commonly used in areas like Dataran Merdeka, Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Putrajaya and also Ampang areas.

However, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) said they will start to imposing fines on errant riders that use e-Scooters on public roads starting January 01, 2021. Currently, the police are advising e-Scooters users to stop riding them.

According to Kuala Lumpur Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department Chief ACP Zulkefly Yahya, his department frequently received many complaints from the public of e-Scooters being used on roads, as well as being too dangerous as it could cause accidents.

According to Chief ACP, when enforcement begins next year, offenders will be fined RM 300.00 and up to a maximum of RM 1,000.00 for subsequent offences or be jailed for three (3) months under the Road Transport Act 1987.

Question here, Are e-Scooters Completely Banned From All Malaysian Roads ?

According to the police, e-Scooters can still be used on public roads but riders will need to apply for a special permission licence from the director-general of the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

So where can you use e-Scooters? According to the police, riders can still ride around but only in gazetted areas such as playgrounds and permitted areas around shopping centres.

Beyond this strict definition of where e-Scooters can be used, there are no clear guidelines or SOPs given to the public. This leaves e-Scooters sharing services like Beam in a conundrum as the rules severely restrict where their vehicles can be used.

If we were to interpret this rules strictly by what the police said, you can't ride an e-Scooter on public roads but there is nothing said about using it on footpaths. Technically, this could mean that you can use an e-Scooter sharing services like Beam, to ride along footpaths or cycling paths to navigate around the city.

So, right now there are more questions that answers right now for e-Scooter users in Malaysia. For example here, e-Scooters can be user to commute from MRT stations to their office buildings if they stay far away from public roads? Are all users are required to register their e-Scooters and apply for a licence of that vehicle?

Across the Causeway, Singapore for example, has also banned e-Scooters from being used on public roads. But unlike local authorities, Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) have a set of clearly defined guidelines. This includes defining how e-Scooters and similar electric powered vehicles can still be used on cycling paths though those under 16 years of age need to be supervised by an parent or adult.

The rules also set a speed limit for e-Scooters where they are limited to travelling at 25km/h on cycling paths and 10km/h on footpaths. These vehicles also need to meet UL2272 certification - that include an IPX4 test where water is sprayed on it from all angles.

These tests and certification are to ensure that the personal mobility devices are safe and there's no risk of explosion, fire, leakage, shock and also electrolyte.

What Included About Changes In The Law

Under the Road Transport (Amendment) Bil 2020, which came into effect on Oct 23, 2020, the Transport Ministry now regulates micromobility vehicles, that include e-Scooters. This includes the mandatory registration of such vehicles and requiring a driving licence if appropriate.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said micromobility vehicles are not the same as bicycles, and they are dangerous for road use.

Back in September 2020, happenes because of individual that rode an electric unicycle on the highway on a Facebook post. He warned such behaviour is dangerous and puts other users at risk.

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VIRAL " Najib Ugut Jika P Pinang Berkeras Tentang Hak Air maka Kedah Akan Teruskan Kerja Membalak Di Ulu Muda "


Najib Razak menegaskan Negeri Kedah berhak untuk meneruskan aktiviti pembalakan di Kawasan Ulu Muda, yang mana ianya dijadikan kawasan tadahan air. Ia berikutan kes isu Negeri Pulau Pinang yang berkeras mengambil air dari Sungai Muda tanpa membayar satu sen pun (pampasan).

Bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia itu turut memaklumkan bahawa, perkara ini menjadi faktor penting dan munasabah bagi Negeri Pulau Pinang untuk membayar Negeri Kedah bagi tujuan pemuliharaan sumber air jika kerajaan negeri itu " asyik mahu melihat kesalahan orang /  negeri lain terutamanya Negeri Kedah " memanfaatkan sumber sumber dalam sempadannya walaupun diberi kebenaran melalui undang - undang.

" Najib turut menafikan tuduhan yang menyatakan beliau menuduh Negeri Pulau Pinang tiada hak di bawah undang -  undang untuk mengambil air tanpa membayar pada Negeri Kedah. "

Selain itu, Najib juga turut mengingatkan bahawa Negeri Pulau Pinang tiada hak untuk mengecam Negeri Kedah berhubung kait dengan isu pembalakan di Ulu Muda mahupun rancangan melombong nadir isi bumi.

" Dan undang - undang mana yang berani menyatakan bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dibolehkan untuk menuntut Kerajaan Negeri Kedah bagi melakukan pembenihan awan setiap kali adanya kemarau? Tidak sama sekali, tegasnya."

Najib turut menyatakan bahawa jika tidak ada keperluan bagi Negeri Pulau Pinang untuk membayar Negeri Kedah, mana boleh Ketua Menteri Chow Kon Yeow mengumumkan bersedia untuk berunding dengan Negeri Kedah berhubungnya isu tersebut.

" Ianya adalah munasabah disebabkan wang yang dibayar kepada Negeri Pulau Pinang boleh digunakan oleh Negeri Kedah bagi kerja-kerja ataupun aktiviti - aktiviti pemuliharaan sumber air mentah yang memberikan manfaat kepada kedua-dua negeri (Kedah dan Pulau Pinang)," tegasnya.

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