Lockdown What You Can Do ?

The imposition of travel bans and lockdowns around the world in response to the Pandemic Coronavirus outbreak has caused businesses and also movements especially to slow down or in some cases even cease operations. Italy's nationwide (for example) lockdown has taken a toll on tourism companies like Savour Italy Tours whose clients (100 percent of them) cancelled tips on its peak months from April 2020 until June 2020, even going as far as September 2020. United Kingdom (UK) car services operator Chauffeur Services Direct already lost nearly 80 percent of bookings as traveling becomes close to impossible. They even had to lay off workers to minimize costs brought about by a drop in clients. Some businesses who rely on China for raw materials are also in danger of running out of supply.

This cycle of delays, declines and eventually termination will continuously affect individuals, businesses and also countries worldwide. But this doesn't mean the industry will remain immobile. While Metro Manila braces for its community quarantine, here are things you can do to remain productive and maintained operational.

1 * Outsource Your Work

Since the rest of your team will be on lockdown, you can try to employ people outside your area especially if there are critical tasks at hand. Treat this as a backup plan in case there's a duty you can't delay. Always be prepared with a list of people you can trust to carry out what is expected of them. Be specific with delegating work as you may not be able to personally attend to it once there's a misunderstanding on the assigned job.

2 * Utilize Technology

We are well aware of the advice on social distancing - we can't risk physical contact, even face-to-face meetings, with people from areas where the virus is confirmed. You can still carry on with your important meetings or conferences but it would be safer to do these tasks on digital platforms. Here, you are achieving the same output without jeopardizing anyone's health.

3* Prepare A Work - From - Home Scheme

This is a reality most businesses have to face. Because you always have to prioritize the health and safety of your employees more than profiting from your daily operations, it is necessary that you devise a plan wherein you can still get the job done from your own homes. Communications is the key when it comes to a smooth transition from office work to remote work. Coordinate this thoroughly with your team to ensure that everything works best for your employees and your business.

4 * Ingenious Home Spa Ideas From Health & Wellness Experts

Looking after our own health, both physical and mental, has never been more important than during these unprecedented times. The COVID -19 pandemic has put our lives on hold and it is all too easy to let the situation get the better of us.

5 * Meet With Your Team

Before you decide on any major changes in your business, consult with your employees. It's important that they understand...

i) What the current situation is ?

ii) Why is there a lockdown ? 

iii) What is the next step ?

iv) Is it still safe to run operations ?

Never leave your employees in the dark. Keep them updated on the decision of the management and constantly give them reminders on precautionary measures. More importantly, listen to what they have to say and consider their suggestions.

6 * Reorganize And Virus -  Proof Your Area

It's about time you catch up on inventory and databases. While you have the liberty to go over your establishment, check up on things you can fix and arrange : files, equipment, and also raw materials. Do a rundown of your logistics so you don't miss anything. A general cleaning (including fumigation and disinfection) of your workplace will help in stopping the spread of the virus.

7 * The Best Online Workout Classes To Stream At Home 

To keep up with your fitness and help relieve stress, these tailored workouts not only feel like you're taking a boutique fitness class, but they make it easy - and fun - to stay in shape. 

8 * Christie's Virtual Tours

Christie's, which has seen some truly priceless artifacts come through its auction houses over its 250 - year history, is now offering free virtual tours of four of its notable and most recent exhibitions.

9 * Take A Virtual Safari With Game Experts

The COVID -19 Pandemic has put paid to all travel plans indefinitely, including those who had once-in-a-lifetime safaris booked. But game lodges are working hard to bring the wonders of the natural world to your home through virtual safaris.

10 * The Best Travel Movies To Watch During Self - Isolation

Keep your wanderlust alive by gorging on the best travel movies of all time. 

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