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Do your homework before enrolling your children in a private or international school.

There is massive change across all industries and sectors globally, and the same can be said for the education landscape in Malaysia. There are 22,143 foreign students and 41,287 local students in the private sector at the time, and trends show a growth in numbers ever since. 

The drastic increase in international school enrolment began when in 2010, the Minister of Education lifted the regulation on international schools having a 40 percent quota for local students.

Happens in 2012, the Minister of Education lifted the stipulations that had been applied on Malaysian citizens who wanted to send their children to such schools. This opened a whole new set of options for these parents who aspired to give their children an exposure to an international curriculum.

Standing Tall On Its Own 

The lifting of the quota, however, is not the only driving factor behind the increasing number of students enrolling in private and international schools. The uniqueness of these schools themselves say something about their ability to provide a wholesome education for students. 

Some common advantages is :

1 # Low Student - To -Teacher

Higher fees in private and international schools will naturally reduce the size of the student pool in comparison with public education, which is almost free of charge. However, many of these schools take pride in being able to have low student-teacher ratios, enabling teachers to have better control of the classroom.

2 # Diversity In Education

Private and international schools offer a variety of facilities to not only support a child's learning but also help them discover and nurture new talents. These include anything from swimming pools, music rooms, and ICT-driven teaching to state-of-the-art libraries and boarding facilities.

3 # Asking The Right Questions

With the abundance of private and international schools to choose from in Malaysia, it can be overwhelming for parents to find the most suitable school for their child. 

4 # Student - Centred Teaching

As a result of the low student-to-teacher ratio, students are set to gain more out of the education and knowledge presented to them. It creates opportunities for teachers to conduct individual assessments and offer personalised tutoring if needed.

5 # Extracurricular Opportunities

Many international and private schools believe students should not only be preoccupied by purely academic achievements. Some international schools are members of various organisations such as Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) and Association of International Malaysia Schools, which host sporting and co-curricular events locally and abroad. In many private schools, students are encouraged to compete in international sporting competitions and also hone their skills in the arts.

By partaking in these events and activities, students benefit by sharpening their soft skills as well. Student talent, leadership, behavioural teaching, and character building are infused in all levels of student development in these schools. 

The emphasis on teaching and learning in English assists and continues progression of the student into tertiary education without students being left our of the loop. Furthermore, an international curriculum is driven with global prospective, skills development, and employability, which will benefit students in the long run. 

6 # Determine The Best Fit

In the end, it is not a question of which school is better, but rather, which school fits your child's needs better.

Private and international schools in Malaysia generally have a balanced education systems. Therefore, parent's choice on the type of school should depend on their child's ability to adapt to new environments, concentrate on their studies and achieve good academic results.

@ Jackie San

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