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A Premium Smartwatch On A Budget - Can You Really Get It ?

A Premium SmartWatch On A Budget! 
You'll Be Amazed How Good This New Watch Is...

The Latest European smartwatch start - up has just launched their new flagship called eWatch, giving a big smartwatch company makers a real run for their money. With thousands of customers already convinced, eWatch is the first flagship smartwatch of 2020, costing three times less than the competition and without compromise. eWatch is here to satisfy the most demanding smartwatch users.

It's selling like crazy worldwide! We investigated why this little -  known smartwatch has already sold out in most stores.

Everybody knows the big tech brands are ripping us off. They change very little every year, and yet their watches seem to keep getting more and more expensive...
But can you really get a high - end smartwatch without paying crazy prices?
We set out to find why everyone is choosing this particular smartwatch, instead of something better known like for example the Apple Watch.

What Is It ?

It's called the eWatch. Lots of people have already switched. And no wonder when you realize how similar it is to the Apple Watch, but without the huge price tag of course!

eWatch is sold by a European technology startup (based in France and Germany). It's made in the same Chinese Factories as lots of other major brands - so the build quality is superb like the flagship smartwatches from the biggest companies like Apple, Samsung, Garmin and Fitbit.

They used the best parts, technology and also software from the expensive models. You can really feel the premium cutting - edge inside, the eWatch works super - fast and smoothly! The Android OS is fully optimized and you will never notice and slow downs or hitching.

Why eWatch Now Popular ?

We Think It's Because eWatch Has Focused On The Most Important Things:

💪    First SmartWatch AND Fitness Tracker In One Sleek Watch.

💪    High - Quality, Easy - To - Read Display In All Lighting.

💪    Accurate Tracking Of Your Heart Rate And Heart Rhythm.

💪    Water - Resistant, Menstrual Cycle Tracker And Sleeping Monitor.

💪    Activity Rings Track Your Progress And Motivate You To Sit Less And Move More.

💪    Personal Voice Assistant Function, Make And Receive Calls, Arrange Appointments, Etc.

For nearly all of us, these are the most important features. They made it so you can be always up to date and safe!

The eWatch features integrated mobile phone support so seniors can easily get help from anywhere using cellular technology.

Some of the features of the eWatch include advanced location tracking through GPS and Wi-Fi, reminders and alerts for medications and other important tasks and events, and a weather forecast app!

What Other eWatch Features Key ?

The eWatch is packed with lots of useful stuff you'd find in major brand smartwatches:

💪    Size: 44 * 38 * 10.7mm - Weight: 50 gm

💪    Heart Sensors Designed To Let People With Heart Conditions Or Anxiety Know When They Might Need To Take It Easy.

💪    Bluetootch 4.0 Protocol Maintains A Constant Connection To Help The User Easily Find The Watch Using A Phone.

How About eWatch Cost ?

The cost of the eWatch to be between RM 900 - RM 1,700. The average guess in the office was RM 1,500.00
Incredibly, the highly - rated eWatch turned out to be just RM 315.00.. (With the 50% off promo now).
That is a crazy price when you consider just how similar this watch is to the newest Apple Watches and Fitbits - and those models cost a fortune!

It Is eWatch Affordable ?

eWatch spends nothing on advertising. They prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them!
Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung spend billions on advertising. Those huge costs are added on to the price of their watches (sometimes up to 50%) and paid for by us, the consumers..

Conclusion : Should I Get It ?

The build quality is premium, hands on it looks and feels exactly like the RM 1,700.00 smartwatches. It works quickly and flawlessly. The battery life is certainly enough for a full day of heavy use. Finally, the promotion price is amazing for a device this high-level. We say definitely, pick one up before they're sold out online too!

@ Jackie San

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