Wednesday, 11 November 2020

VIRAL " Trump Get Middle Finger Outside White House & Please Pack Your Bags "

After days and months of anticipation, America has got its 46th president. On Saturday, November 07, 2020, Joe Biden was elected as New President, beating Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. Biden secured a projected 284 projected votes in the electoral college, according to the Associated Press. Kamala Harris will be the vice-president, the first woman and person of color in US history to take that position. According to AP, Nevada, Georgia and also North Carolina are still too close to call.

At the time of the announcement, Biden was leading in Nevada, and was slightly ahead in Georgia on Friday morning, while Trump was leading in North Carolina. Though AP and Fox News called Arizona for Biden, other news outlets were wary of doing so as the margin was too close. People across the country were mostly in a celebratory mood. As reported by MEAWW, New York City erupted with cheers of celebration, and clapping and car horns filled the air moments after Biden's victory was announced. Cheers could be heard all across Manhattan. Many people flocked to their balconies to join the celebrations in the streets below. Footage on social media revealed the moment many New Yorkers learned Biden would become the 46th president of the United States.

On the other hand, Trump reportedly went to play golf and he once again insisted that he "won this election". Trump repeated his uncorroborated claim that he won the elections after falling behind Biden in several states as postal ballots were counted. He tweeted: " I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!".

According to a report in The Washington Post, the streets of downtown of Washington converted into a party zone for hours. A crowd had gathered outside the White House dancing to Beyonce songs, waving Biden flags and spraying champagne on one another when Trump's motorcade entered the White House at 3.11 pm. A crowd of around 100 people or so, who had been singing 'We Are The Champions', stopped mid-song to boo Trump, as he passed. Secret Service had blocked the crowd from standing near the entrance. "BYE, BYE!" a woman screamed. As per the report, some bystanders gave the passing cars thumbs down; and others raised their middle finger to TRUMP!

Soon, even Twitter was buzzing about the same. A user shared the image of a few people with raised middle finger and tweeted, "AND NOW FOR SOMETHING TOTALLY UNEXPECTED: Hundreds wait along streets flipping off Donald Trump on his route back from his golf course to the White House. " Another user claimed, "In Front Of The White House, amongst the crowd, a mom with her teenage daughter: "Cmon, It's Olay! Just put your middle finger up like this! It feels good, Cmon!" They're laughing and cheering and flipping off Trump's White House together and it's honestly beautiful out here." One Wrote, " I Love DC. Welcome Back From Golfing, Trump. Pack Your Bags. "

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