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In 15 Days Kindergarten Teacher Loses Parents, Siblings & 3 Other Family Members - COVID 19



A Kindergarten teacher lost six (6) family members, including her parents and a sibling, to COVID-19 within a span of 15 days.


Farah Adilah Samsudin also lost two (2) aunts and an uncle, who were among 13 family members infected with the virus.


" I never imagined (that this would happen), after my cousin, who only had a normal cough, became the first person to be identified as COVID-19 positive.


" When my cousin was at the clinic to obtain sick leave, the nurse recommended for my cousin and my aunt to get tested as Gombak Setia was in the red zone.


" My cousin tested positive, but my aunt tested negative," she said when speaking at the 'Bicara Kebajikan, Berat Mata Memandang, Berat Lagi Bahu Memikul' forum organised by the Pas COVID Disaster Fund Secretariat, last night.


Farah Adilah, who is a mother of three (3), said her mother Azizah Mohd Yusoff died while warded in Sungai Buloh Hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) on June 15.


" After my mother died, my aunt Normah Mohd Yusoff and my sister, Farah Nadiyah died on June 23, 2021. My father, Shamsudin Abdullah, died on June 27, 2021.


" After that, my aunt Hasmah Mohd Yusoff and uncle Abd Razak Noor died on June 30, 2021."


Farah Adilah added that her cousin, after testing positive, had contacted her as they were neighbours and were close contacts.


" We live only one (1) house away from each other. So when I was informed that my cousin was positive, our family was shocked because we only hear of others being infected.


" I immediately thought of my children, and immediately contacted my aunt who lives in the house across from us, because she also complained about a cough.


" My sister who lived with my aunt also was not feeling well and decided to go get tested," she added.


Farah Adilah, along with two (2) of her children and her sister tested positive, while her aunt tested negative.


She convinced her parents, who lived in a different residential area, to get tested as well.


" My mother was scared to get tested worrying about people's perception, so I made my husband take both my parents to get tested.


" Both my mother and father were positive, and my husband was not. At the time, my father had fainted in the clinic and was rushed to Selayang Hospital, but was rejected because he was COVID-19 positive.


" The seven of us including myself who were positive were told to go to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) in Gombak Setia, my parents were referred to Sungai Buloh Hospital, while my sister and my two (2) children were allowed to undergo home quarantine," she said.


She added that other family members and her aid who initially tested negative were positive in their second swab test on June 07,2021.


" After several days of being warded in the ICU, we were informed that my mother would be put into a coma, and soon after my sisters as well.


" My cousin and children were asked to go to the CAC on June 07, 2021 for evaluation, but at the time, my cousin's health deteriorated and was brought to the hospital.


" My cousin was being warded in the ICU, and on June 22, 2021, was allowed to be discharged. However, the next day my cousin's mother died, followed by the father on June 30,2021."


Farah Adilah said she hoped the public would pray for the family's well-being and prayed that they would be granted strength to accept God's fate.


" There is nothing else we can do but surrender to Allah. We ask you to give us space to calm ourselves and our emotions, we surrender completely to Allah," she write on Social Media.



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