Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Upset Over Treatment To Recipients Of Food Aid - MICHAEL ANG



Popular TV drama Director Michael Ang, 45, recently is upset with an individual who introduces himself as " Ustaz " in a video that went viral recently.


In the video, the individual wearing a white robe and matching skull cap, was preaching " aggressively " to a group of people who are about to receive food aid.


Ang, a Muslim convert, shared the video on his Instagram with the caption: " This is so wrong on so many levels. Kudos to this man, who with this one video, has given the wrong message about the religion and its teachings.


" If you want to do your bit in extending help, just do so without the need to embarrass the recipients. This is so sad.


" Since the onset of COVID-19, many irresponsible statements had been uttered by many politicians, but none angered and saddened me as much as this one, " he said.


And said: " This is not the Islam that I had come to know and learnt. His intention to help may be noble, but to start preaching like that as if those people have no dignity is uncalled for."


Of late, many generous Malaysians have come forward to help out fellow citizens who are hard hit by the pandemic.










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