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KOTA KINABALU, SABAH (FEBRUARY 06, 2023): University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) is always concerned about the water supply issue being faced by its campus residents, especially students.

According to UMS Vice-Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Kasim Mansor, the treated water supply by Sabah State Water Department (JANS) at the campus is from the Telibong Water Treatment Plant in Tuaran, Sabah.


He said the water supply at the plant is shared among the areas of Tuaran, Tamparuli, Sepanggar, Karambunai, Royal Malaysian Navy Base (TLDM), Likas, Indah Permai, Kingfisher, 1Borneo, Alamesra, Sabah State Administration Center (PPNS), Putrajaya Kota Kinabalu as well as the Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) industrial area.


In a series of meetings with JANS, University Malaysia Sabah was informed that the total water supply requirement to cover the entire area mentioned earlier is 190 Million Liters Per Day (MLD).


However, the Telibong plant is only able to produce around 164 MLD of treated water supply.


At the same time, they are also dealing with cases of theft/loss of water supply which is up to eight MLD.


In addition, pipeline relocation and upgrading works along the Pan Borneo road are also underway.


" In short, the supply of treated water from the Telibong LRA is insufficient. However, JANS has informed that the issue of disruption to the supply of treated water is expected to be fully resolved in 2024," Kasim said in a statement on Monday.


He said for a while JANS had to ration the water supply which caused all the areas that receive treated water supply from the Telibong plant to be affected.


The University Malaysia Sabah campus located in Sepanggar is also directly affected.


" For information, the University Malaysia Sabah main campus needs around three to five MLD per day to meet the needs of treated water in the campus," he said further.


Understanding this situation and taking into account the urgent needs of campus residents, especially among students, he said several initiatives have been implemented to reduce the impact of rationing from JANS.


" University Malaysia Sabah is always in contact with JAN in conveying the level of disturbance in the main campus of University Malaysia Sabah and also the daily monitoring of the treated water supply level in the R12 JANS tank.


" University Malaysia Sabah has provided additional tanks outside the residential colleges complete with pump and piping systems.


" University Malaysia Sabah currently also uses tanker services to supply JANS treated water. This supply is obtained from LRA Moyog Penampang, and up to 20 water tanker deliveries per day or an estimated capacity of up to 300,000 liters per day are supplied for the use of student residential colleges and also surrounding buildings within the UMS campus, " he said.


Kasim said they also providing alternative water sources on campus by utilising hill water.

He said they have made one pipe from the hill water source, which is able to supply water as much as 80,000 liters per day.

The university has also identified other sources of hill water and will make new piping for the distribution of the hill water for the use of students.


He said they also have a long-term plan through Water Tube Well, which gets water supply from this method complete with the treatment system once.


These actions, he said, are not a comprehensive solution, but UMS is committed to taking the necessary actions to reduce the impact of this rationing for the comfort of students are residents of the University Malaysia Sabah main campus.




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