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Do you know what is the most difficult and challenging career in the world?

Have you ever wondered about the comfort and convenience that you have today is the result of the effort and sacrifice of those who are able to fighting their lives for their responsible task and to get money?


The World's Largest Challenges and Hard Jobs List.

1. Fireman
2. Electrical Engineer
3. Fisherman
4. The Logger
5. Technical Replacement or Telecommunication Tower
6. Contract Man Builder
7. Building Maintenance Worker
8. Squad Bomb Squad
9. Platform Offshore Workers

1 Fireman

Not only trained to eradicate fire, but they are also trained to rescue victims in extreme conditions. Exposed to any possibility such as firing, rock collapse and so on is a trainee for someone who works as a fire.

Some even have to be in the hot spot with the highest temperature to save the lives of the victims.

Additionally, they are exposed to chemicals, explosive materials and which cause flammable buildings.

2 Electrical Engineer

                Hasil imej untuk electrical engineerOne of the work that threatens one's life is to work as an electrician. Exposure to high-power electric cables and wires is a very harmful to self and life. In addition to electric shock, many other possibilities that can occur like falling from high are harmful. Even under high-power electric current conditions can be harmful to health.

There is a fire caused by short circuit and exposed to carbon monoxide gas.

3 Fisherman
Do not be surprised if.,

Fishermen's are also one of the hardest job in the world. Exposed to turbulent seas, bad weather, thunderstorms and boat crashes.

Examples in western countries (America), fishermen's is the most extreme career and earn a good salary. Those who carry out these extreme activities are often prone to death. Every year the fishermen in the western country are forced to take life alone to get fish and other marine life.

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 4 The Logger
                                          Lihat imej sumber

Employment as a logger can be classified as one of the hardest jobs in the world. Faced with the possibility of such a fallen tree, face the threat of wild animals, making it a risky career.

5 Technical Replacement or Telecommunication Tower
The job as a telecommunication tower is one of the most challenging careers in the world. In the United States, one of the highest rates of death is related to this job.

They had to risk life to climb towers altitude thousands of feet and unexpectedly.

Behind the ease of communication that we harbored there are individuals who have contributed and struggled to risk to please our lives now.
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6 Contract Man Builder
Working at a construction site either as a labor or otherwise will have to face various risks.

Falling from high places, exposed to pile iron, crushed by machinery or concrete is part of the risk that will be borne by those who work in this field.

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7 Building Maintenance Worker
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Have you ever wondered how the tall buildings are always beautiful and clean ???

These are the ones who have always worked hard to maintain and wash the windows of each building.

Although the safety features are particularly important, but in the event of any possibility, their lives become bets.

8 Bomb Cleared Squad                  Lihat imej sumber
Ability to work under pressure, have high skill and highly trained. The mission needs to be resolved with the ability to identify a threat.

Any possibility to cause injury or loss of life is something that must be accepted for those who take care of this career.

9 Platform Offshore Workers
With salaries sometimes reaching 5 points a month, working on an oils platform indeed or the world's most extreme task.

Physical and mental strength to face any challenge in the middle of the ocean is a must.

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