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( 25 – 29 OCTOBER 2014 )


Here I am sharing the best location for shopping, fun and holiday plan with most the world’s cheapest. 




4 years ago I travel alone to Vietnam. A lots of places I have to and easily visit, with low cost and easier to find halal food and make me enjoys.

Actually when you traveling alone is a fun hobby, very comfortable and educating to be more confident with my self, able to manage – time and own money. It also not hurt anybody. Because all of yourself.

What I means for my next destination is Travel To Ho Chi Minh City as Known as ‘Saigon’.



If you plan to go, or try another cool & nice destination likes natural environment..
Here some tips to Get "HANOI, SAPA & HA LONG BAY"
with budget, easy going and mostly travel alone.


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For your information, mostly of the City’s attraction in Ho Chi Minh are after the War. You can seen from the Historical Buildings in Vietnam “HCM” as you can seen as a result from the Classic French Herritage. Another attraction when comes to War Museum. We can find the airplane originating from United States here. It is still awake!!! Therefore, it is strongly advised to visit this country.
I will share some interesting you must do and visits while visiting or planning to go to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s nice and cool!!! I Love It.

 1). Museum Revolutionary Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Here we can found are various of vehicles, jets used during the war still retained for example war weapons, tanks and even ships.

In the museum exhibit many pictures and information/historical stories so its make us to remembered.

2). Cho Binh Tay


Here are the pleasure to feel the enjoyment of the Vietnam, traditional food and you can find a lots of souvenirs here with affordable price likes Benh Than Market. 

3). Cao Dai 


 It is the center of the Cao Dai religion. It is a little understanding of others religions (Cristianity, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and Confusianism).

Visiting this temple is strongly encouraged and permitted to recognize, learn theirs beliefs. 

Decorations and landscaping reflect their beliefs. 

4). Pagoda Maharaja Jade


This pagoda is one of the most popular and famous in Ho Chi Minh City.

It was built in year 1909, by the chinese community and it is invited the Buddhist monks to come to this temple and have the good atmospheric attraction with the smoke of burning by Buddhist. 

Structure of pagoda temple is rather attractive with intricate structures and reveals the exotic of their Gods.  

5). Opera Saigon City


 This building is magnificent and looks elegant as Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater. It was built around 1897 and was specially design from France architect. 

The building can accommodate 800 seats and the main entertainment in this building is French entertainment. 

The building was reopened to the public around 1975 for the same purpose.

Ticket sales at the counter allows foreigners to enter this building.

6). Dong Khoi Road


For visitors who want to find shop, to try fascinating traditional of Vietnam food, at this road sure recommended. 

This is the main road that connects old buildings and has a well-known shopping mall, attractive cafes and also a luxury hotel.

Just a short walk  from your hotel or guest house to this charming location. That why Ho Chi Minh City a places you must go. Very Easy!!!

7).   Saigon Post Office



If you travel to Ho Chi Minh do not forget to visits their post office. This post office is not only for visitors to send their mails, stuff but very interesting building and locations also.

Inside this building, the foyer has some nice paintings with mosaics that showcase theirs President's picture in the past.

In addition, we can find the magnificent with its elegantly domed ceilings, gorgeous floor tiles and the local stalls Vietnamese selling souvenirs.  It's are awesome.

8).   Reunification



Was the center of allied commands as well as the place where Northern Vietnam gained victory during the joint war of the American Government. This place also witnessed some amazing events.

Visitors are permitted  to view the meeting room, the picture and the reception area as well as the landing force where General Ngo Dinh Diem plans his strategy during the war.

9).   Ben Thanh Market


This market is an attraction to visitors and also tourists. It is situated in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The whole world recognizes the attraction of Ho Chi Minh City due to this supermarket. With reasonable price, cheap as well as most items you can find here.

It is advisable to compare prices with other stores as most items are identical and require bargaining discretion, if you visiting this market.

Don't forget to bargain the price and compared to others stall.


10). Cathedral Notre Dame Saigon 


It was built in 1880s by the French colony and it has become a tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City.

Building structures materials have been specially imported from French.

60 meters high,  rugged building pattern with unique glass window pattern and has two bell towers with 6 bronze bells still playing until now a days. 

11). Night Market


It is located outside of Ben Thanh Market. The items price mostly likes similar if you go to Ben Thanh Market during the day. Just need bargaining.

A night you can find a lots of tourists here compared the day. Maybe because of weather. 

Operation time starting from 7.30 pm till 11.30 pm.

 12). Chu Chi Tunnels 


The tunnels is a historic venue of the Vietnamese guerrilla  warriors around the war in year 1968. It is one of the underground networks built by the warriors in that era of demanding independence.

Entrance Fee: RM 12.00

 13). Mekong River 

The Mekong river is a large and long river flowing from Tibet, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and finally to Vietnam. Visitors can follow existing tour packages to walk through this river. Along the way visitors will be taken for a lunch break and entertained with singing including a song from Malaysia "Rasa Sayang". The lunches offered are simple and can also offered for exotic food such as eating lizards, locusts, snakes, crocodiles, pigs, scorpion and so on.

 14). Ho Chi Minh City Hall
French colonial city hall built in the early 1900s now the headquarters of the People's Committee. 

This building located near to the Ben Thanh Market.



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