Monday, 9 November 2020

VIRAL " Four New Cases From Kuching - COVID - 19 "

KUCHING NOV 09, 2020 : Sarawak today recorded four (4) new positive COVID - 19 cases today, bringing total number of positive cases in the state to 991, said Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

SDMC said all four (4) cases were detected in Kuching Division, where two (2) of them were in contact cases from the Greenhill Cluster and one (1) from the Saberkas Cluster.

The remaining case is not associated to any of the clusters.

Case 988 involved a local female who went for repeated COVID-19 screening for having close contact with Case 867 from Greenhill Cluster. She previously underwent first screening on Oct 30, 2020 and was found negative COVID-19, but began to exhibit diarrhea symptoms since Nov 07,2020.

Case 989 involved a local male went for COVID-19 screening for having social contacts with Case 887 and Case 888 from the cluster. He did not exhibit symptoms of infection.

" Case 990 involves a local male who went for COVID-19 screening who was in close contact with Case 938 from Saberkas Cluster. He is also the brother of Case 938 and did not exhibit any symptoms of infection.

" Case 991 involves an Indonesian male who was in close contact with Case 975. He underwent health screening at a government health clinic on Nov 07, 2020 and was found positive on Nov 09,2020. The case also did not exhibit symptoms of infection, " SDMC said in a daily update statement today.

All cases were admitted to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) isolation wards for further treatment.

Aside from new cases detected from Greenhill Cluster and Saberkas Cluster, no additional cases were reported in other clusters today.

In the statement, SDMC also said there were nine (9) new cases that have recovered from the virus and discharged from the hospital.

This brings the total recovered and discharged cases in the state to 828 or 83.55 percent from the total number of COVID-19 cases in the state.

There were 144 cases still receiving treatment in hospitals - out of which 114 are at isolation wards in SGH, 26 cases in Miri Hospital, two (2) cases in Bintulu Hospital and two 92) cases in Sibu Hospital.

With no deaths reported, the state's toll remained at 19 or 1.92 percent.

Meanwhile, 39 Person-Under- Investigation (PUI) cases were reported today, out of which 17 are awaiting laboratory test result.

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