Monday, 11 January 2021

" Everyday Most Deaths Cases In Sabah Contribute Highest In Malaysia - COVID -19 "


Sabah Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun told media almost all Pandemic COVID -19 clusters in Sabah State was due to social gatherings.

Masidi, who is also the official spokesperson for COVID -19 in Sabah State, advised the public to reduce social activities to avoid an increase in the number of COVID - 19 cases in the state.

" We see the increase in pandemic COVID -19 cases in Sabah State due to the social activities or widespread community transmission during gatherings.

" If holding a party such as a birthday celebration and so on do not invite outsiders, especially people who live far because we do not know whether he or she is infected with the virus. Incidents like this have occurred a lot and we do not want the COVID -19 situation in Sabah State to worsen," he said at the daily press conference on the development of COVID -19 pandemic in Sabah State, here, last night.

He said there was now an increase in COVID -19 cases in Sabah State after many social activities were held since the end of last year.

" There are individuals infected with COVID -19 who show no symptoms... hence we need to take care of our families and never invite outsiders to party at our homes, " he said.

Masidi also advised people who have met COVID -19 patients to immediately undergo screening tests.

" Do not try to keep it a secret if you have met a COVID -19 patient because there are cases of community infections that occur without knowing the cause because people infected with COVID -19 are still walking about thinking they are still healthy because there are no symptoms, " he said.

Meanwhile, Masidi said Sabah State recorded 405 new positive cases on January 06, 2021, bringing the number of cumulative cases in Sabah State to 38,960, with two fatalities recorded.

" A total of 192 patients recovered bringing the cumulative total of those recovered to 35,936 people. A total of 1,642 patients are receiving treatment, namely 668 people in hospitals and 1,624 people in Quarantine and Low Risk Treatment Centres (PKRCs) and 60 cases in the intensive care units (ICUs) with 19 needing respiratory aid, " he said.

Masidi also comment today the Nabawan District which was previously a green zone turned into a red zone with no more green zones in Sabah State.

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