Monday, 15 February 2021

What Happen If Vaccines COVID - 19 Not Enough ?

We Must Know !!!

Only 13 % of the people in my country are willing to vaccinate. 13 % is not nearly enough to build herd immunity against the virus. Sadly anti-vaxxer propaganda and conspiracy theories are spreading like wildfire across social media. And the overwhelming majority of people now believe that COVID -19 is a conspiracy.

What Happen if not enough ?

Unfortunately it does seem that my fellow countrymen are that stupid. According to articles 13 % are willing to accept the vaccine. Some 30++% do not plan on getting vaccinated at all. And about 40% plan to wait until they are sure that the vaccine ok and is safe.

Well-- those 13 percent will be still be protected with a small possibility of getting the virus -- while the naysayers will drop like leaves - flooding the health care system and sealing their own fate.

Let them refuse the vaccine. And accept their darwin award.

You'll have mask laws until enough people get one zxjqqbcd.

More vaccine for the rest of us smart people.

I don't believe only 13 % are willing to vaccinate. There is a difference between " not willing to vaccinate " and vaccinate with our currently proposed choices.

Nothing will happen.

Most doubters will change their minds when vaccines prove their effectiveness.

Depends on how well the vaccine works. If it's a permanent solution, like the measles vaccine, then you have nothing to worry about if you get the vaccine. If you don't get the vaccine then you'll either get sick and possibly die.

If not enough people have the vaccination, the infection will continue to spread; social restrictions will continue to apply; the vulnerable will die; most of us will have to continue wearing a mask in public and the economy will continue to collapse. The more people who accept vaccination against COVID -19, the sooner we can back to normal life and help.

We must know, the government will force them to have vaccine. Its not their choice it's the nation's need. Not only nation but word. At least in my country government will FORCE people to get vaccine or if needed they'll send govt employees to everyone's home to give vaccine. 

 @ Jackie San

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