Thursday, 22 April 2021

HOT Issues In April 2021 - " Multiple Shootings Over One Week "


On April 06, 2021 (Tuesday) :

A shooting in Frederick, Maryland left two (2) sailors injured. The shooting occurred just outside of a military installment. the suspect is a navy hospital corpsman who was shot dead by police at the scene. Authorities are still investigating the incident and a possible motive. On April 09, 2021 (Friday), former NFL player Philip Adams, allegedly killed five (5) people and then himself outside Rock Hill. The victims included the prominent Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, and his two (2) grandchildren, as well as an air-conditioning technician who was outside the home. Officials believe the cause of this shooting rampage may be CTE as a result of multiple head traumas. Researchers at Boston University will be studying CTE more in depth as a result. On April 09, 2021 (Friday), President Biden held a press conference announcing possible executive orders involving gun control. The new actions will expand background checks, regulate stabilizing braces for pistols, new intervention programs for violence-prone communities, and ?red flag? legislation. On April 10, 2021 (Saturday), at least one person died and another five (5) were injured after a highway shooting in Texas. The shooting occurred between two (2) vehicles who were headed the same direction, but police do not yet have motive. On April 10, 2021 (Saturday), a hooting outside a Utah prison left two (2) deputies injured and the suspect dead. Very few details have been released (CNN).


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