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Rights group Lawyer for Liberty (LFL) today critised the " half truths and misleading assertions" by the Singapore government over the impending execution of Malaysian Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam for drug trafficking.


Nagaenthran, who was convicted of trafficking in 42.72 gm of diamoprhine (heroin) in 2011, is expected to be execute on November 10, 2021.


Commenting on a statement by the republic's ministry of home affairs (MHA) on November 03, 2021 in response to widespread public pressure on the planned execution, LFL said the explanation did not provide justification for executing a person with a mental disability.


LFL adviser N Surendran said the group was " appalled by the half - truths and misleading assertions " contained in the ministry's statement.


" Firstly, MHA relies on the fact that Singapore courts found that Nagaenthran's mental responsibility for his crime was not impaired ", and hence no one should object to this hanging," Surendran said in a statement.

"However, MHA deliberately sidesteps the fact that the court also found that Nagaenthran suffers from borderline intellectual functioning and ADHD, has an FSIQ score of 69, and that his executive functioning skills are impaired.

" Secondly, MHA's claim that they have helping the family with travel arrangements is simply false.

" It is public knowledge that the complex logistics and hefty costs are being managed by prominent Singaporean activists Kirsten Han. The Singapore Prison Services (SPS) has only bothered to communicate with the family whenever Ms Ha has made queries to SPS.

" SPS has taken no initiative to help the family in surmounting the nightmarish travel and accommodation red tape."

Calling the impending execution " inhumane," Surendran reiterated that executing a person with any kind of mental or intellectual disability was in breach of customary international law.

Yesterday, MHA said the Singapore High Court and Court of Appeal held that Nagaenthran's mental responsibility for his offence was not substantially impaired. He was found to have clearly understood that what he did was a crime and took the " calculated risk " to pay off his debt.

Meanwhile, Wisma Putra has said it would continue to monitor the progress of Nagaenthran's case through the high commission in Singapore and provide appropriate consular assistance to him and his family.

Foreign minister Saifuddin Abdullah said he had also sent a letter to his Singaporean counterpart regarding the case.



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