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  • An Israeli attack on the densely-populated Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza killed at least 50 people and injured many more, with search operations continuing.

  • The bombing has sparked outrage across the Arab world and has been condemned by humanitarian organisations.

  • Israel has acknowledged it was behind the strike, saying it was targeting a high-ranking Hamas commander; Hamas has rejected its commander was present.

  • Israel’s military also has said it made gains in its ongoing ground operations in Gaza, including killing 50 fighters and capturing what it described as a Hamas stronghold in the north.

  • The US has said 66 aid trucks crossed into Gaza in the last day, the most since deliveries from the Rafah crossing with Egypt began; However, fuel continues to be blocked.

  • Gaza’s health ministry has given a “final warning” to the world, saying that the main generators at two key hospitals in the territory are “hours away” from completely shutting down.

  • EU and US officials have raised concerns over rising violence in the occupied West Bank, where the UN has said at least 121 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers since October 7.

  • Cross-border fire has continued between Israeli forces and the Lebanese group Hezbollah, while the Yemen-based Houthis say they have conducted three attacks on southern Israel since the war began.

  • US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Israel on Friday, the State Department has confirmed.

  • Bolivia’s UN Ambassador on cutting ties with Israel

    Earlier we reported that Bolivia had announced it is cutting off diplomatic ties with Israel.

    Bolivia’s Ambassador to the UN Diego Pary explained Bolivia’s position in an address to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday afternoon, says Al Jazeera Arabic’s Rami Ayari, reporting from the UN in New York.

    “Free Palestine is not just a cause of the Palestinian people, but rather a question of global justice and peace,” said Pary.

  • “Once again, I reiterate, you are not alone. Bolivia stands with you and the peoples of the world are with you,” he added.

  • ‘Aerial threat’ in area of Red Sea intercepted: Israeli military

    The Israeli military said in the last half hour that it intercepted an “aerial threat” that was identified in the area of the Red Sea, south of the city of Eilat.

    “No threat was posed to civilians and no infiltration into Israeli territory was identified,” according to the statement posted on X.

  • Nightly Israeli raid under way in occupied West Bank

    At least two Israeli armoured vehicles have entered an area near the occupied West Bank’s southern city of Hebron before dawn on Wednesday, according to a video clip posted by Al Jazeera on the social media platform X.

    The post said the vehicles were seen entering the town of Bani Naim.

    Night raids in the occupied West Bank have become a regular occurrence since the deadly Hamas attack in southern Israel on October 7.

    The UN humanitarian office has reported that at least 121 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces or settlers since that date.

  • Shopping, queueing for bread, looking for water – life in Gaza City continues

  • Israeli forces have bombarded the besieged Gaza Strip by air, land and sea since October 7, killing thousands of people and leaving widespread destruction.

    Inside supermarkets, empty shelves have become commonplace after Israel imposed a total siege on the territory, severely restricting supplies of water, food, fuel and electricity, and limiting access to network connectivity.

  • But despite the strewn rubble from destroyed buildings, the streets of Gaza City have not been deserted. Residents still go about their errands, looking for basic necessities such as clean water and bread, and joining long queues at bakeries.

  • The message is clear: the residents of Gaza are aware that life goes on and are determined to live it.

  • ‘Political establishment is entirely deaf’, says US-based analyst

    Speaking from Washington, DC, Palestinian political analyst Omar Baddar says there is no question that there is a “big gap between public opinion” in the United States and the position of the Biden administration.

    “It’s such a significant discord that the overwhelming majority of Americans now support a ceasefire, and yet it seems like the political establishment is entirely deaf to the calls of the American people,” Baddar told Al Jazeera.

    The goal of ongoing protests in support of Palestinians is to “get their attention, to ensure that … there is a political cost to this policy”, he said of the Biden administration.

  • “Unfortunately, it looks like Washington is beholden to the influence of private lobbying groups that they’re trying to cater to… and are operating with an outdated mindset in which you have to be pro-Israel to have a political career and survive politically.”

  • Biden, under pressure to back Gaza ceasefire, focuses on aid

    In a social media post, the US president said “many more” humanitarian aid deliveries are needed in the Gaza Strip and said he would work to get more assistance into the territory.

    “I’m not done pushing for more aid and will continue to support safe passage for Gaza civilians seeking safety,” Biden wrote.

    Biden and his administration have refused to back growing international calls for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, saying such a move would only benefit Hamas. Amid his staunch backing of Israel, the US president has seen his support plummet among Arab Americans.

  • ‘Do not let any more children die’: Scotland’s Humza Yousaf

    Scotland’s first minister, whose parents-in-law are trapped in the Gaza Strip, has reiterated calls for an immediate ceasefire.

    In a post on X, Yousaf said: “I am sorry to those innocent men, women and children in Jabalia Refugee Camp that the world could not protect you.

    “This blatant disregard for human life must be condemned unequivocally.”

  • Pentagon chief discusses Gaza war with Israel’s Gallant

    Lloyd Austin has spoken to Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant about Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

    Austin “emphasized the need to prioritize civilian safety in military operations, acknowledged the increased humanitarian aid delivery through the Rafah crossing today, and urged continued progress to increase assistance to civilians in Gaza”, the Pentagon said.

    The talks between the two leaders come as global anger is growing over an Israeli attack on Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp that killed dozens of Palestinians and injured many more.

  • Hospital treating Jabalia patients warns it’s running out of fuel

  • The Jabalia refugee camp, a residential neighbourhood as everybody knows, was levelled to the ground by the Israeli strikes.

    This attack claimed the lives of Palestinians and wounded hundreds of others who are now receiving treatment at the Indonesian Hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip.

    This hospital has been overwhelmed by patients and displaced people who evacuated from their houses.

    The Indonesian Hospital also announced today that they will be running out of fuel within the coming hours if there are no fuel shipments delivered.

  • US confirms Blinken will be in Israel on Friday

    The US State Department has confirmed an earlier report that Blinken is travelling to Israel this week.

    “Secretary Blinken will travel to Israel on Friday for meetings with members of the Israeli government, and then will make other stops in the region,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said.

    Miller did not specify what other places the US secretary of state would visit.

  • Jabalia attack ‘should be wake-up call’ to world leaders, non-profit group says

    The Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) non-profit group has called on the international community to broker a ceasefire in Gaza that “will bring this bloodshed to an end”.

    “This attack [on Jabalia refugee camp] marks a new low and should serve as a wake-up call to world leaders and politicians everywhere,” the MAP chief executive, Melanie Ward, said in a statement.

    “Their meek requests for compliance with international law are being ignored entirely; Israel has instead increased the ferocity of its indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks.”

  • The group said it was “deeply concerned” for Palestinians across Gaza, including the 400,000 people still in northern areas of the Strip, in particular. “The threat to their lives grows with each passing hour,” Ward said.

  • Are Yemen’s Houthis opening up a new front in Israel-Hamas war?

  • Yemen’s Houthi rebels have long chanted “Death to Israel” as part of their motto. The phrase even appears on their flag.

    But until the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Hamas, there had been no direct military confrontation between the two.

    The Houthis military spokesperson, Yahya Saree, said that an attack on southern Israel on Tuesday was the third such attack the pro-Iranian Yemeni group – which controls the capital Sanaa – had conducted since the war began.

    The lack of any attacks before the current conflict can partly be explained by the sheer distance between Yemen, on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, and Israel, to its north. But the new development also reflects the growing potential for a regional war between Israel and pro-Iranian groups across the region.

    “There are many actors in the region who operate as Iran proxies, such as the Houthis, who are trying to challenge us and distract us from the war in Gaza. We remain focused,” said Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari after the latest attack.

    As Israel presses further into Gaza in its attempts to destroy Hamas, the Palestinian death toll – primarily civilian – grows rapidly, raising pressure on Iran and its supporters in the region to act.

    Unlike Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the Houthis are unlikely to be a major part of any regional conflagration. But their ability to attack Israel from such a distance, and potentially US interests closer to them, shows the pro-Iranian camp’s power in the region.

  • ”Final warning’: Health ministry says Gaza hospital generators hours from shutting down

    Ashraf Al-Qudra, the Palestinian health ministry spokesperson, has given a “final warning” to the world and said that the main generators at two key Gaza hospitals are “hours away” from being completely shut down.

    “We are calling on all our brothers in oil-producing nations to urgently intervene and supply al-Shifa Hospital and the Indonesian Hospital with fuel that’s needed to save the lives of the sick and injured,” al-Qudra said during a news conference.

  • He also called on “countries of the world” to act and save:

    • 42 babies in incubators
    • 62 patients on artificial ventilation
    • 650 patients with kidney failure
    • others who are critically wounded

    Israel has allowed very few aid trucks into Gaza via the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. While these trucks have brought food, water, medicine and medical supplies into the bombarded territory, much-needed fuel remains banned.

  • US Palestine solidarity group decries ‘witch hunt’ investigation

  • American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has rejected a newly announced investigation in Virginia into the group’s funding, saying Attorney General Jason Miyares is “contributing” to a climate of Islamophobia.

    AMP said Miyares was “contributing to the hate with tired Islamophobic tropes and promises of a witch hunt straight from the McCarthy era”, referring to the overzealous crackdown on suspected communists in the US during the Cold War.

    Miyares, a Republican, said in a statement that the probe aims to look into allegations that AMP may have used donations to provide “support to terrorist organizations”. He did not specify what groups he was referring to.

  • AMP hit back, calling the investigation a smear campaign.

    “If Attorney General Mayares has identified an issue with our license to fundraise in Virginia, that is a common and easily resolvable civil issue that many non-profits face and fix,” the group said.

    “Mr Mayares is clearly attempting to score political points with hateful extremists.”

    The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a civil rights group, also condemned Miyares, calling his announcement “dangerous and defamatory political posturing”.

  • Hundreds protest in Qatar’s capital against deadly Jabalia attack

  • MSF says ‘horrified’ by Jabalia refugee camp strike

    The humanitarian group, in a post on X, quoted one of their nurses who responded in the wake of the attack.

    “Young children arrived at the hospital with deep wounds and severe burns. They came without their families. Many were screaming and asking for their parents. I stayed with them until we could find a place, as the hospital was full with patients,” Mohammad Hawajreh said.

    MSF added: “We condemn this latest episode of senseless violence and reiterate our call for an immediate ceasefire to prevent more deaths across the Strip. Enough is enough!”

  • An official at the Indonesia Hospital said at least 50 people were killed in the strike but the toll was expected to rise as searches continue.

  • Analysis: It’s a win-win for Hezbollah against Israel so far

    In several escalations with Israel, Hezbollah has proven it is a formidable military opponent. That means the group does not need to attack across the Blue Line demarcating Israel and Lebanon to prove effective in the ongoing war, writes Zoran Kusovac.

    Israel must keep its assets in the north to counter, and deter, any potential big push that would be a serious military, and even bigger political, problem for the country, he writes.

    That’s why the current situation and most possible developments seem to favour Hezbollah. If it just maintains the current low-level engagement, it blocks significant Israeli military assets.

  • Blinken to meet Netanyahu in Israel this week: Report

    Axios journalist Barak Ravid said the US secretary of state will arrive in Israel on Friday to meet the Israeli prime minister and other officials.

    Blinken travelled to Israel earlier this month to show his support.

    But the Biden administration faces growing public outrage over its staunch backing of its longstanding Middle East ally as Israel continues its widespread bombardment of the Palestinian enclave.

  • The State Department did not immediately respond to our request for comment on this week’s purported trip; we’ll update you when we hear back.

  • US ambassador to UN ‘deeply concerned’ over West Bank violence

    The US has been a staunch defender of Israel, saying the country has the “right to defend itself” during its war with Hamas. It also has repeatedly vetoed UN Security Council resolutions calling for a ceasefire.

    But the Biden administration appears to be taking a harder line with Israel when it comes to the occupied West Bank, where there has been an increase in settler violence and Israeli raids since October 7.

    The US has said at least 121 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since that date.

  • “We condemn these killings – and we urge Israel to prevent these attacks, working with the Palestinian Authority,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, wrote on X.

  • Conditions in Gaza ‘worse and worse’

  • Every family in Gaza now has someone who has been killed, they have injuries. The news about people being killed – this never ends.

    The bombardments haven’t stopped, they have been relentless for over 24 hours now, ongoing very violently since … before yesterday. All night and all day today.

    Three huge massacres today in Jabalia refugee camp, in al-Shati refugee camp, in Nuseirat refugee camp.

    It’s becoming worse and worse, hour after hour. Medical teams are talking about dozens of people under the rubble.

    It’s very dark at night now, without electricity in the Gaza Strip, with very few resources and capabilities for these teams to operate – [they’re working] with their hands and with civilians’ help.

  • Protesters in Lebanon express frustration at international support for Israel

  • Hundreds of protesters chanted and waved flags outside the French embassy in Beirut today, denouncing Western support for the Israeli military’s continuing bombardment of Gaza.

    The crowd, significantly smaller than a similar protest on Sunday in Beirut’s downtown, included Palestinian and Lebanese demonstrators who expressed frustration over the international community’s support for Israel.

    “How are foreign governments with Israel?” said Hassan Badr, 60, who lives in the Palestinian refugee camp Burj el-Barajneh in Beirut. “They are killing kids in front of the world. They should be supporting the Palestinians, not Israel.”

  • Palestine Red Crescent says 59 aid trucks entered Gaza today

    Of the 59 trucks, the health agency said:

    • Four were delivered to the International Committee of the Red Cross.
    • Fifty-five were transferred from the Egyptian Red Crescent to the Palestine Red Crescent.
    • The trucks contained “food, medicines, relief items, and medical supplies”.
    • PRCS also said that today’s delivery brings the total number of humanitarian aid trucks allowed into Gaza since the war broke out to 217.

      “Fuel has not been allowed to enter up to this moment,” it added.

    • Qatar warns Israeli escalation could ‘undermine mediation’

      The Gulf state has been serving as a key mediator between Hamas and Israel, particularly in terms of the release of captives held in Gaza.

      The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that “the expansion of Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip to include civilian objects, like hospital, schools, population centres and shelters for displaced people, is a dangerous escalation in the course of confrontations, which would undermine mediation and de-escalation efforts”.

      The ministry also condemned the Israeli bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza, which the enclave’s health ministry has said has resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries.

    • It said an Israeli escalation “portends further tension, violence and instability”, while calling on the international community to “shoulder its moral and legal responsibilities” to protect Palestinians and ensure Israel complies with international law.

    • WHO chief warns ‘there’s no time to waste’ in Gaza

      Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called for “urgent, unrestricted” access to Gaza to deliver much-needed health supplies.

      In a post on X, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) called the civilian casualty figure in the besieged Palestinian enclave “staggering” and said that without large-scale deliveries, “tragedy will continue unfolding before our eyes”.

      “We urge safe movement be guaranteed for humanitarian convoys across Gaza – and an immediate humanitarian pause. There’s no time to waste. Every moment matters,” the WHO chief said.

    • ‘Stop the killing now’: Israeli peace activist

      Speaking to Al Jazeera, Robi Damelin, an Israeli peace activist, said “You cannot make peace out of war.”

      “It doesn’t matter if they’re Palestinian or Israeli or anything else. All mothers feel the same pain of loss. All of their tears are the same colour,” said Damelin, whose son David was killed while serving as an Israeli army reservist in 2002.

      “I’m sitting here in a safe room. Not 20 minutes ago, there were rockets outside my house,” she said from Tel Aviv. “But I have a safe room, I have somewhere to run in to. What about all the people in Gaza who have nowhere to run? Who are the people that suffer from all of this war? The mothers and the children.

    • “I wish with all my heart that we could find a way to settle this because we can’t go on killing each other. I can’t bear this pain of so many people. For what? What can be achieved at the end of this? How many more people need to die before we realise that we’re going to have to settle this by talking to each other?”

    • ‘This war is different,’ nurse at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital says

      Mohammad Hawajreh, medical coordinator with Doctors Without Borders and a nurse at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, says he doesn’t have the words to describe the scenes he witnesses every day at the facility’s emergency department.

      Most of the wounded patients are suffering from “deep burns” and tissue damage, Hawajreh said, but there are not enough staff members at al-Shifa to handle the necessary dressing changes for everyone.

    • “We have an experience in three wars before, but this war is different,” he told Al Jazeera, adding that there also is a lack of water and other supplies.

      It’s a recipe, he said, for “a health catastrophe”.

    • Hundreds gather in Ramallah’s Manarah Square to support Gaza

    • Emotions are running incredibly high and there is a pattern developing. Every time we see something like the Jabalia refugee camp bombing, or indeed the bombing of a hospital, people come out on the streets in the Manarah Square in Ramallah.

      Just two hours ago, there were about 300 to 400 people out on the streets, chanting in support of the people of Gaza. What they do is they normally kind of walk into the square, they gather – this was during the prayer time – so they actually pray in Manarah Square and then they walk around the square and then they come back.

      In the distance I can still hear people chanting …  As more and more details of this Jabalia refugee camp bombing come out, we were expecting people to come out on the street despite the late hour.

    • People want to show their solidarity with the people of Gaza, with the Palestinians there.

      Oftentimes, there are familial connections there, as well. People from the occupied West Bank have families, uncles, aunts, et cetera, within Gaza, that they can’t get a hold of, so emotions [are] running incredibly high.

    • Al Jazeera denounces Israeli ‘massacre’ of member of staff’s family in Jabalia

      Al Jazeera vehemently condemns the heinous and indiscriminate Israeli bombing that has resulted in the killing of 19 family members of our dedicated SNG engineer, Mohamed Abu Al-Qumsan.

      This unforgivable act, during the Jabalia massacre, claimed the lives of Mohamed’s father, two sisters, eight nephews and nieces, his brother, his brother’s wife, and their four children, his sister-in-law, and one uncle.

      We extend our sincere condolences to Mohamed and his family and stand in solidarity with them during this time of profound sorrow, and we call for justice and accountability for this senseless murder of innocent lives.

      These Israeli crimes against civilians must not go without being held accountable and face the full force of international justice.

    • We urge the international community to address this grave injustice with utmost urgency to justice served for the families of Mohamed Abu Al-Qumsan and countless other innocent Gazan civilians who lost their loved ones.

    • Jordan’s King Abdullah urges Biden to push for ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’

      A royal palace statement said Abdullah told Biden during a call that efforts should be intensified to bring end the war and pave the way for a political solution based on a two-state solution.

      The White House did not immediately release information on the discussions.

      The Jordan statement comes a day after Kirby, the White House national security council spokesman, said now is not the time for a ceasefire, although the US is open to shorter, humanitarian pauses in fighting.

    • Hundreds protest in Hebron against deadly Israeli attack on Jabalia

      Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets of Hebron to protest the deadly Israeli attack on Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza.

      Carrying the flags of Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah, the demonstrators chanted against Israeli crimes and demanded that the Palestinian Authority stop security coordination with Israel.

      Others held up posters of Palestinians killed and injured in the Gaza Strip.

      Political parties have declared a commercial strike in Hebron on Wednesday.

    • Bolivia breaks off diplomatic ties with Israel

      The South American nation announced the move in a statement, according to Reuters.

      We’ll get more details on this soon.

    • Senate confirms appointment of new US ambassador to Israel

      Jacob “Jack” Lew will become the new ambassador, filling a post that has been empty since July, when former ambassador Tom Nides left the post.

      Lew, a former secretary of the US Department of the Treasury under President Barack Obama, was nominated for the role by President Joe Biden in September.

    • Republicans had pushed against Lew’s appointment, criticising him for his role in negotiating the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015. However, two Republicans in the Senate voted with all the present Democrats to approve Lew’s appointment.

    • US says focusing on humanitarian aid, while shrugging off ceasefire calls

    • From the US National Security Council (NSC), we have heard that in the past 24 hours, 66 tracks of humanitarian aid have crossed into Gaza. This is the largest amount in a single, 24-hour period that has yet been achieved.

      However, NSC spokesperson John Kirby continues to say this is just a minute amount in terms of what is needed, in terms of humanitarian supplies in Gaza. So although you’ve got this amount through, you’ve got the national security spokesman saying much, much more is needed.

      Meanwhile, the US is trying to get a humanitarian pause, as they would put it, in place, but no discussion about a ceasefire. The US administration’s position appears to be that that is something for Israel to focus on.

    • Interestingly, though, a comment from the Pentagon, which says that civilian safety is both a strategic and a moral obligation. There’s a pretty strong word from the Pentagon, once again, implying the responsibility that Israel has in terms of protecting civilian life as it carries on its operations.

    • 19 members of Al Jazeera staff member’s family killed in Jabalia attack

      The Israeli strike on Jabalia has claimed the lives of 19 members of the family of Al Jazeera’s broadcast engineer in Gaza, Mohamed Abu al-Qumsan.

      The dead include Abu al-Qumsan’s father and two sisters.

    • Israeli forces shoot and kill teenager in occupied West Bank

      Israeli forces have shot and killed a 16-year-old boy in the town of Beit Ummar near Hebron.

      The health ministry has identified him as Mohammed Hassan Moqbil.

      According to the UN humanitarian office, at least 121 Palestinians have been killed in violence in the occupied West Bank since October 7.


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