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"BIOMASS DERIVED BIOCHAR" - Technology To Produce Energy

- Technology To Produce Energy

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Biomass energy is a type of the alternative energy produced from renewable resources. From biomass are usually used as alternative fuel to fossil-based fuels, however, product from biomass for example biochar- carbon source for producing different carbon materials. 

1. Biomass Energy
Due to depletion of fossil fuels which meet most of our energy requirements in near future and the environmental pollution, the usage of alternative renewable energy sources is inevitable important. Solar, hydro, geothermal, wind, wave, hydrogen and also biomass energy and the most important renewable energy resources, respectively. All renewable resources have different advantages and disadvantages as compared with fossil energy sources and it is very important to choose the sustainable and environmental friendly energy source. 

Biomass is considered as an important alternative energy source to fossil fuels. Biomass which has many applications is a very strategic energy source, since it is cultivated in every-where and provides the social and economical development. Furthermore, many chemicals and bio-fuels are produced by using biomass which mainly consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulphur with small proportions of inorganic species. 

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2. Biomass Defination
Biomass is the mass of living biological organism in a given area or ecosystem at a given of time. Biomass also can refer to species of biology which is the mass of one or more species, or to community biomass (microorganisms, animals or plants). The mass can be expressed as the average mass per unit area, or as the total mass in the community.

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3. Types of Biomass 

Types of biomass
Sago (Metroxylon Spp)
J. Rambli et al., 2018
Empty Fruit Bunches
M. Azri et al., 2009
A.Remina et al., 2017
Rice Husk
Raveendran & Ganesh et al., 1996
Sugarcane bagasse
Inyang et al., 2010
Napier Grass Stem
Lim et al., 2016
Rice Husk
W. Yang et al., 2016
Macroalgal Ulva prolifera
Liu Keesing et al., 2009
Coconut Shell
Isahak et al., 2012

4. What Is Biochar
Biochar familiar as - a type of charcoal which results from the thermal treatment of natural organic materials from instance crop waste, wood chip, municipal waste or manure in an oxygen-limited environment. This process is referred to as pyrolysis. The resulting charcoal-like material is a form of biosequestration or atmospheric carbon capture and storage. For a high biochar production from biomass pyrolysis, a low temperature, low heating rate and longer hour is set to be the operating condition. In other words we called slow pyrolysis is applied. 

Biochar which called solid product of biomass carbonization. Used in many commercial applications such as: chemical, domestic and also metallurgical. It also can be used to produced activated carbon and different carbonaceous materials. The alternative to the conventional fuels, biochar is the best. Mostly biochar have high fixed carbon content and high calorific value, that why biochar is the best to be as the alternative to the conventional fuels. 

Biomass resources can be converted into valuable products by using different conversion technologies such as biochemical and thermochemical process. Biochemical process include two process types such as digestion and fermentation, which give the major products such as biogas, hydrogen and ethanol. Combustion, carbonization or pyrolysis, liquefaction and gasification are considered as thermochemical conversion processes. Biochar are known as solid products are produced by applying of thermochemical processes to biomass resources.

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Thermochemical Process
5. Application of Biochar
Basically, there are three main applications of biochar. First, biochar can be used to enhance the soil. Second, biochar will act as a carbon sink that will mitigate the climate change, and lastly it will substitute coal to functions as a fuel.

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Enhance Of Soil
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Carbon Sink
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Taking everything into account, the use of the biochar as a carbon sequestration is immensely important to out mother nature. Hence, it is vital for the research in the area of production of biochar to be carried in a bigger scale in order to accommodate the large amount of abundant biomass produced every day. 

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