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The Best Jobs – Offered High Salaries & Cool
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Lihat imej sumber
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After graduating from primary and secondary school, and after graduating degrees we make it magnificent. With hope of getting a good career, good salary, having an own house, and then having a wife. That's a normal life.

It's not easy to pursue a dream come true. After tired so long will it be repaid???

While studying especially the first degree, unforgettable habits; a lots of friends, during class lectures will give a note, lunch with friends, sports and leisure, watching movies and do not forget over slept. And finally awarded with a degree.

Lihat imej sumber
Graduation Day
With a degree there not have a high demand, the CGPA (cumulative grade point average) is just common, and dreams will be offered with attractive careers, lucrative salaries and beautiful wife. That is to say.

Try to imagine;

You are not the kind of person who likes to sit chaired in long day. Create an unexpected job. And it's forced to be followed by not being accepted by a career or field of interest. So, are you happy with your current career ???

Do you know, there are lots of fun jobs you can find? Some also offer big salaries. Additionally, a career or job that interests you will cause of fun, be happy and not bored. It will make you feel comfortable throughout the day. When you enjoy what you do, you will not feel it just a job. It's not always easy to find a cool job that pays well, but maybe.
Chemical Engineering

Some work may be fun for some but not for others. So depending on your preferences, you may find someone who sparked your interest and had a good salary. Here are some of the jobs you may find that have a high cooling rate.

Here share cools job with high salaries;

Lihat imej sumber
If you love dringking beer, you will definitely enjoy this job. As a brewmaster, you will be responsible for blending and fermenting ingredients to  create different kinds of beer. Fermenting ingredients maybe from berries, rice and starch like ethanol production. Get paid $45k for this job and have fun creating and tasting beer. You may enrol on a brewing institute for proper course or training. There are also universities that offer courses on brewing or science of fermentation techniques.

2.Personal Trainer

Lihat imej sumber
Are you health and fitness enthusiast???
If you are a gym regular, swimmers or sports person and you keep a healthy and balanced diet, you are a good candidate for a perfect trainer. Recently, this jobs with high demands now!!!

You can earn $40k per year for something that you do on a daily basis. Plus, you get to help other people become healthier. A personal trainer and health coach certification will help you get hired on this field.

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3.Food Scientist                                     
If you love experimenting on food products to create a delicious and unique new food items or menu, this job may be good for you. Will be cool job for you also. As a food scientist, you need to experiment on different ingredients to create new flavors to food items like cake. You get to create your own recipe and come up with a new taste flavors that would be a hit to the masses. This job will let you earn around $50k per year. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in a food science technology to be considered for this type of work.

4.Graphic Designer            Lihat imej sumber
If you are love designing invitations card, banners, flyers, t-shirts, or creatives in designing, graphic designer is the best job for you. There are several tutorials online that can help improve your skills, as well as teach you on the new techniques on this job. Most companies or clients require a bachelor’ degree for this area to get an entry level position as a graphic designer. If this is your interest, you will be paid an average of $55k per year for your designs. Interesting right!

5.Event Planner             Lihat imej sumber
Do you love to preparing parties for your friends or your family?
Do you know actually you can be an event planner. Earn $45k doing what you love and help other people plan a perfect and amazing event that guests will never forget. You will be in charge of everything concerning the event including the foods, entertainment- karaoke, place, and master of ceremony etc. A degree in business, communications or hospitality management will be good for this job.

6.Doll Fashion Designer                      Lihat imej sumber
Little girl love dolls right?
Especially now that there are different accessories, items and clothes available for them. If you loved dolls when you were a kid (girls) and you still have this passion until now, you can be a doll fashion designer and create items for dolls like houses, jewelries, outfits, bags or even create your own doll. This fun job will earn you about $50k per year. A degree in fashion can help prepare you for this type of work.

7.PR or Marketing Specialist

Lihat imej sumber
If you are people person, why not make use of that bubbly personality and earn $55k annually promoting products and also events. Some of the degrees that you may take to prepare you for this job are called bachelor’s in communications, journalism and also bachelor’s in marketing. You will get to meet different people and be responsible for making something known. Must studies first!!!

8.Cruise Director

Lihat imej sumber
This is some what similar to the job of an even organizer. Except that you will be responsible for events on the cruise company you are working for. Some of the jobs that a cruise director performs are plan events for the guests, invite MC and prepare the entertainment. This is perfect if you are sociable and you love throwing parties. This is one of the best and cool jobs that pay higher, which lets you enjoy at the same time. Who would not want to cruise for free and visit about different places, country and nice destinations while you are working??? Pay can be from $50k to $60K yearly. A degree in management or human resources is a good for this job.

9.Video Game Designer 

See the source image
If you are a gamer at your heart, you may have a lots of ideas on your mind on the improvements that you wish to have on the current games you are playing. You may also have thoughts on new games that you wish to play that are not yet available in the market. This requires skills in drawing or designing skills. There are tools and programs that you can use for this kind of job. A degree in graphic design is also needed to get an entry level of this job. If you get lucky enough to get a job as a video game designer, other game fanatics will not only love you, but you can earn up to $70,000 annually. Interesting right!!!

Lihat imej sumber
10.Interior Designer            
Do you enjoy decorating your own place???
Does your home design wow your visitors???
If the answer to both questions is yes, Why not …actually you can be an interior designer.
Bring life, class and your style to other people’s homes even offices with your talent in interior designing. You can earn an average of $55k per year or even up to $80k annually if you have made your name in the industry. Get a bachelor’s degree in interior design to be considered for this job. You may also want to apply for an apprenticeship on an interior design company to gain an experience.

These are some of the cool jobs that pay good salary. If one of them is your passion, then why not you go for it? If not, please determine the thing that you enjoy doing and find ways on how to make money from your expertise.
Don’t wait because money not come to you but you need to find your own MONEY!!!

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