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Nowadays, if we look at our lives it is very easy to judge someone and interpret them directly results from the eyes.
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 It's even too easy to judge someone in the way they look. Often the kind of people who like to judge a person are those who do not think long and continue to punish the person for no reason. Usually, people like these form their opinions or conclusions about people with just a/one point of view.

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Someone who thinks it is often easy to judge or punish others and find fault with others, group, only see the situation, and the seemingly unobtrusive and disagreeable ideas.  

Finally, they will quickly to make assumptions about the whole of a person without recognizing someone first.

First sight, they always make a conclusion about the character, motives, beliefs, behaviors of others.
I always visit the supermarket with short-sleeved clothes, and easy way to used sandals. The reason is very comfortable with it. I noticed other visitors who are so complete with their wear even they are like a models.  

To be honest, if I asked for the price or need some help form counter about size and so on , I will receive the service then compared to the customers who dressed in complete or attractive clothes. But in fact, most of these customers who come here are usually those who will continue to buy something compare to those who are so. This situation is just an example and not all boutique staff to do so.

Another experience is... I have experienced about situations where accompanying a friend to analyze of car, test drive and our main goal is to do a car reservation. Due to our unpretentious appearance, we do not receive any help or welcoming during our visit. In other words being construed incapable of buying the car. Only after the staff know about net salary of my friend, finally treated well. Then, we make final decision to left that car center.

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To be honest, today's life is more challenging than the past. 

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Nowadays money is major factor in our life. So, the question is we agree if the way looks like is reflects the true standard of one's life ???

I'm feel agreed when comfortable life is not just about appearance.
At the time I am able to prove to the outsiders that we can overcome them not only in physical form (money) but with noble personalities and sincerity in life that we have it is easier to approach others.

Eliminate the fast-paced nature and attitude of judgemental others with the level of appearance, clothing, and educational standards and how they appear regardless of what they are promoting.
Because the likelihood of someone who seems so lacking may be better, rich or beautiful than our own.

See the source image Finally, a person's personal beauty is not in the beauty, handsome or property of a person. But the noble  personalities of every religion in the world are come from the beauty own life, respectful, courtesy and help each other. Someone who moderated the exits was very rich in the hereafter.
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