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Which Should I Choose : Pay with cash or credit card ?

Cash or Credit Card :

You're about to charge another $1 for an iced tea to your credit card. That's the third time this week. You think it's easier to carry a couple of cards in your wallet than a handful of cash and coins. Sure, cards are less bulky, but paying with cash means you won't have to worry about your iced-tea tab a month from now.

If you're on the fence about the benefits of carrying cash, check out why paying with green is always better than swiping your plastic.

Cash or Credit Card : What Are The Excuses For Credit Card Use ?

# 1 - I'll blow through all my money because I lack self-control.
Children do what feels good, but adults devise a plan and follow it. So be an adult - make a plan for your money and stick with it. Undisciplined spending often is a symptom of a larger problem. Control your spending, and you'll be able to control other areas of your life as well.

# 2 - I can't recover cash if someone steals my purse or wallet.
Paulette the Pickpocket doesn't have psychic abilities (despite her super-villain name), so she doesn't know you're walking around with $300 cash in your wallet. And even if she did, it's not the cash you'll want back. It's the hours you'll spend on the phone cancelling cards, changing account numbers, and cleaning up your credit card mess. Believe us, you'd rather someone steal your cash than your identity.

# 3 - I can't use cash to book travel online. Credit cards are just easier for booking trips.
Two words for you: debit card. Online travel is one of the biggest excuses in the cash versus credit card discussion. But at the end of the day, paying with a debit card online is just as secure as using a credit card. And it's the only (almost) same-as-cash payment we approved of. Go ahead and use your debit card to reserve a hotel room or purchase a plane ticket, but pay cash for your meals when you travel.

# 4 - Cash is so bulky and messy, plus all that loose change just gets lost.
Organizing your cash and coins is as easy as using the envelope system and a simple jar that fits into your car's cup holder. The cash will stay perfectly organized, and the coins will collect nicely until you're ready to turn them into dollars! If you can organize your playlist, you have what it takes to organize your dough.

# 5 - Cash takes too long to dig out in line at the store.
We're not saying you should be "that guy" who pays for all his groceries in pennies. We're just saying it's okay to give yourself a moment to count correct change. Patience is a virtue, so help the three nice folks in line behind you practice it.

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