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The sinking of the KRI Nanggala -402 submarine with 53 crew on board this week puts the incident among some of the worst submarine disasters in world history.


KRI Nanggala-402 went missing during training on Wednesday this week. Search and rescue assets from the TNI, Basarnas, and police to the International world have been desperately searching for the submarine for days in hopes of finding it and rescuing its crew.


The 72 - hours search finally found a bright spot and successful compared to others cases for example what happened to MH 370 Malaysian Airlines until now disappear even the world have intelligence technologies.

On Saturday ( April 24, 2021 ), the SAR team found items, such as prayer mats, oil bottles, parts of cooling pipes, and torpedo components believed to be from submarines. These items will only be in the water if the submarine breaks up.

Along with the oil slick, a possible sign of a rupture of the fuel tank found at the start of the search near the submarine's final dive point, the debris is evidence the submarine has sunk, the Indonesian navy approved it.


" With the authentic evidence we found believed to the from the submarine, we  have now switched from the 'sub miss' phase to the 'sub sunk', Navy Commander Yudo Margono said at a press conference.

Scans detected the KRI Nanggala -402 submarine sinking at a depth of 850 meters. This position is far beyond the ship's safe limits designed to withstand depth of up to 500 meters.

The sinking incident of KRI Nanggala-402 makes it one of the worst submarine incidents in the history of the world. Here is a list of submarine sinkings in the world that were seized from Business Insider, Sunday April 25, 2021.


Incident on November 15, 2017, Argentine Navy's diesel-electric submarine  ARA San Juan disappeared while patrolling with 44 crew members on board. The Argentine Navy later stated that the strange sound detected shortly after the submarine's final transmission was "consistent with an explosion."

The submarine was finally discovered a year later at a depth of 3,000 feet in the South Atlantic. China 361 Submarine In 2003, a Chinese diesel-electric submarine with hull number 361 suffered serious mechanical damage during a training exercise that resulted in the deaths of 70 sailors.

The crew is said to be suffocating, although details are limited.

K-141 Kursk On August 12, 2000, the Russian nuclear-powered submarine K-141 Kursk disappeared in the Barents Sea.

Russian authorities later said the ship sank after a torpedo inside exploded unexpectedly. The first explosion then triggered the explosion of several other warheads.



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