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A Short of Protection (Prescription)

A Short of Protection 
It's World Immunisation Week from April 24 - 30, and these pointers on travel vaccination can help you guard against unforeseen health problems.

There are few experiences that are worse than having an exciting trip in an exotic country disrupted by an infection or illness. Getting the right travel vaccination shots before boarding the plane is the most effective way of preventing this. 

Although 'immunisation' and 'vaccination' are often used interchangeably, the terms are not synonymous. Immunisation is the process by which a person becomes resistant to a disease and this includes vaccination, which relates to the administration of a vaccine to the body.

Health and travel organisation in many countries recommend vaccinations for a number of preventable travel-related diseases such as hepatitis A and hepatitis B, typhoid fever and malaria. However, different countries present different health risks and this means actual requirements for travel vaccinations can vary greatly.


It's important to bear in mind that most vaccinations take at least a month to become fully effective and in many cases, one or more booster shots are necessary over a period of days or weeks. So, it's absolutely critical to plan well ahead of your travel date to make sure you get maximum protection. 


If you're not sure which vaccinations are right for you and your family, check with your doctor, who will talk to you about your travel destination and activities, medical history and current medical conditions before offering a recommendation. 


Info !

500,000 Bacteria (and more) per 645 sq mm 
- that's how contaminated the average household kitchen sink is. It's far dirtier than the bathroom!


Go Hot To Cool Down
- Skip that ice-cold thirst quencher if you want to cool down and reach for a hot beverage instead. Hot drinks trigger perspiration and when the sweat evaporates, it quickly and effectively lowers body temperature. 


Mighty Mineral 
- Lack of iron is often the reason behind everyday health complaints such as low energy and exhaustion. This makes sense as iron is an essential mineral for transporting oxygen throughout the body and insufficient oxygen leads to chronic fatigue. Iron also plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. Boost your iron intake by adding dark leafy greens, beans and tofu to your daily meals. 


Positive Steps
- It is only normal to experience a range of negative feelings if you're just been diagnosed with cancer. You can, however, help yourself by preparing for the challenges ahead. Learn as much as you can about your cancer and the treatments available. And, when you feel up to it, let your family know. Reach out for support- whether it's getting professional counselling or talking to survivors and other cancer patients-being able to express your feelings with help you cope. Also, keep your spirits up by engaging in activities that you enjoy. 




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