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4 Benefits of Virtual Run


What is a virtual run? A virtual run event can be any distance or goal you wish to obtain, with the time and date you have available, with your choice of locations, from exotic to your hometown. With Virtual Run World you receive unique, artistically designed medals and recognition for your efforts.

Runners run for the enjoyment and benefits of each hard earned mile. Runners love running with the masses in an official non-virtual event with the roar of cheer from happy crowds as finish. That is awesome. Runners also know it is also very expensive to participate in these events. While earning our miles during there training runs, runners have hit numerous distances for the first time.Was it a big deal to reach 6 or 10 miles for the first time? For every runners, this was a big YES!!! Besides the applause in your head, the smile on face, confident attitude, was there anything to show for the first time put in 15 miles training for that marathon? Runners actually should be celebrating - it is a big deal!!! When runners show some running bling to friends, wouldn't someone be motivated to get off the couch???


Virtual Run World is your source for getting bling for those milestone running of goals. How does it work? Virtual Run - Run anytime you want. Run anywhere you like. Your run can be through the Mayan Ruins, Paris, Compton or out your front door. A half marathon virtual run is 13.1 miles of real running effort with all the same blood, sweat and tears your would expect from that distance. The same holds true for any other distance. Run, breathe, achieve and then celebrate. Organizer will send you a medal for recognition of your achievement. So go run. Now if I can only find some virtual chocolate to eat, I'll lose some more weight. 



a). Perfect For Beginners

Race events can be intimidating for beginner racers. The crowds, noise, knowing that your run will be timed, and let's face it, the other, more experienced runners, can all potentially cause unwanted stress and pressure. If you need to ease yourself into the racing world, virtual runs are the perfect next step! Virtual runs enable you to join the running community and encourage you to push yourself to the next level, without the pressures and stress of competing with other athletes. 

b). Connect With Friends, Family And The Running Community

The great thing about virtual runs is that anyone can join! So if you have family or friends that live far away, you can connect with them be creating joint running goals and participating in the same virtual run. Virtual runs also can give runners a sense of a running community, even if they live in rural or out in the middle of nowhere locations. 


c). Convenience

Obviously, the most popular reason to participate in a virtual run is the convenience of being able to run anywhere. Whether it is around your block, on the treadmill or even in a separate race. This freedom offers the convenience of time and money. All races have registration fees, but the time and travel to get to and from races can be expensive and stressful.

Virtual runs also offer, not only one day and time to run but usually a whole week, at any time of day, in which you can complete the run.

d). Medal

Let's be honest, earning medals is fun. When you participate in virtual runs with Will Run for Medal, you earn medal & T-Shirt with every race. Each medal is unique to the race, marking our individual accomplishments and progress with each race. 

There are many people who would love to participate in physical races but are unable to for one reason or another. Therefore, a virtual race is a great option for those who want convenience.


That's the kind of flexibility offered by virtual races, a new trend in the running community. Runners who sign up for a virtual race register online and simply choose their own starting line, whether it'son treadmill or a neighbourhood street. They run the race distance, upload their finishing time and get a medal.

"With virtual races, you don't need to deal with traffic, parking, poor weather or unexpected schedule conflicts or injuries that might cause you to miss the race."




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