What is the best way to rest your body

Do We Need Rest ?

That is why rest is needed. Also, rest allows the body to restore energy that has been expended from the day to day work. In addition to that, rest can revitalizes all the systems in the body to maintain the body's optimum level of functioning and to prevent the body from wearing out due to too much activity.

Why Is Rest Important ?

Rest is medically defined as a man's state of repose. It simply means to cease from work or any activity. But in today's society, most of the people don't know the meaning of rest and don't know how to rest. As the world paces faster and the need to meet the demands of the society increases, the lesser man is able to stop and find time to rest. It is evident these days how people have become so attached and committed to work and making money that a lot of things are neglected, especially the need of every individual to have a break for some time and also rest.

Rest indeed, is part of man's basic physiologic needs. In fact, it is one of the most vital needs that every man should have. Allowing oneself to rest from work and all the stresses in life is definitely not an option but a choice. Resting one's mind, body and soul once in a while will not only give relief but it will also hone oneself to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Rest is but important as the other basic needs because it is one of the many factors that can contribute to the level at which the body can function adequately, effectively and productively. Every day, the body moves and performs bodily processes. Without rest, the muscles and all the other parts of the body will eventually wear out. That is why rest is needed.

Also, rest allows the body to restore energy that has been expended from the day to day work. In addition to that, rest revitalizes all the systems in the body to maintain the body's optimum level of functioning and to prevent the body from wearing out due to too much activity. It is with rest that life is balanced.

What The Best Thing Technique Your Body  Rest Properly ?

1 - Bedtime Routine

Firstly, your bedtime routine is very important. When you are ready for bed, make it a habit to practice relaxation techniques. For example, you may use meditation, reading, or other relaxation techniques that help you rest. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, cola, or other drinks with caffeine in the late afternoon because that can keep you falling asleep. If you smoke, your insomnia is another good reason to quit, since nicotine is a stimulant that causes insomnia. Big meals right before bed can make it hard to sleep. Finding a way to relax before bed is important. Create a nightly ritual like a warm bath, breathing exercises, reading or listening to quiet music. Put your clock where you can't see it so you don't keep checking the time and worrying about whether you'll ever get to sleep.

2 - Exercising To Rest

Most people that exercise gets a proper night's rest. Exercise promotes healthy living and rest: you may be one of those people that hates the thought of exercise, or one that finds it difficult to start up a workout routine. Keep in mind- if you want help with Insomnia, then you must set up an exercise routine that works for you. Therefore, your goal is to find an exercise routine that promotes healthy living. However, exercising within 6 hours of bedtime can contribute to insomnia. 

Don't forget to make a list changes to make to your bedroom environment and check each off as you make it. Tell yourself you are doing this to get a good night's sleep.

3 - Guide To Deep Relaxation Meditation

Deep guided meditation often helps us to balance our thoughts and become friends with our discomforts. It is useful for reducing anxiety.

Meditation - Start by finding a quiet area in your home. recline in a relaxing position. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and body sensations. If you notice yourself  tensing, let it go without fighting. Notice your discomforts and focus on your breathing. Breathe in, exhale, and continue until the discomfort eases. Next, take a mental journey into a peaceful garden. Notice smells, listen to birds chirping as the warm summer breeze blows your hair. Picture yourself walking toward a beautiful waterfall and experience the smell, feel, touch, tastes, as you move closer. If you feel uneasy, breathe in an exhale again repeatedly until you find some relaxation. 

Next, In Order To Fall Asleep - you brain must go from a beta brainwave into an alpha brainwave - which is exactly what self-hypnosis helps you to do. The alpha state is where everything is dreamy, where visualizations are clear and tha sleep switch in your brain is ready to let you go into delta and theta brainwaves, and so be asleep. When the conscious mind is busy with worry, anxiety, fears, anger, emotional conflicts, etc. the brain has a hard time letting go of its conscious processing. If you have insomnia, you know that problem all to well.

Self-hypnosis and relaxation are very effective in curing chronic insomnia. It is easy. It works. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between an imagined and a real event; this is why hypnosis works so well. Hypnosis changes the way the subconscious mind works. It creates the belief that something is possible, acts on it as if it is real, and creates a new outcome. In this case, sleep. The good news for insomnia sufferers is that the relaxation and journey into the safe, secure place you go to get into your alpha brainwave pattern will already be helping you drift off to sleep. Try to visualize every small part of your body from the tips of your toes upwards relaxing and drifting of to sleep. By the time you've reached the top of your head-you should be safely in dreamland.

4 - The Black Fish Technique

Close your eyes and tell yourself you are going to get over your tiredness and have more energy. See in your mind's a body of water like a lake, river or even a swimming pool. See how inviting the water looks and dive in and imagine your tiredness just swimming away from you like a shoal of tiny black fish. As these fish disappear, breathe deeply and imagine yourself floating in the water, completely relaxed. Imagine being catapulted to the surface of the water and floating there, stretching out your limbs. As you imagine yourself stretching, do it physically too.

Feel the water surround you and support you and slowly bring yourself back to reality. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the relaxed feeling, focusing on your breathing and the air going in and out of your lungs. Slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

If you try the steps to meditate and find that it does not work, do not give up. Instead, wait until the next day to try the technique again. Keep trying, since it opens the door to relaxing. 

If you find that you cannot sleep after 30 minutes, get out of bed. Read some pages of a articles or book. Do something that makes you feel tired. Never force yourself to sleep. If you find that none of the suggestions work for you, see you doctor immediately. There may be a medical condition preventing you from sleeping.

In the meantime, sleep in the same area each night. By sleeping in the same area every night, your body undertands that this is the place where you rest and it is time to goto sleep.

5 - The Total Void Technique

This technique is good for anxiety and insomnia. You can use it in any position but of course if you are using it in an attempt to overcome insomnia, lying down would be best. Once comfortable, close your eyes and think of a particular place you are familiar with and comfortable in, such as your bedroom. Tell yourself that nothing else exists. Visualize this place in great detail such as the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture etc). One by one, erase these elements from the image you have in your mind. Do this until all the elements are gone and you are left with nothing. See the emptiness. Remain in this empty void for a while, experiencing the calm and relaxation it brings. You can the drift off to sleep. 


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