Saturday, 21 August 2021

Brunei Darussalam - Latest Coronavirus Report Does Not Show A Huge Spike In Local Cases


The Ministry of Health reported another 190 positive COVID - 19 cases on August 19, 2021 (Thursday)but only 40 of those cases were reported within the past 24 hours. The remaining 150 cases were attributed to a backlog in the sample test sent to Singapore and returned to Brunei over time.


The National tally has now reached a record high of 1,136.


The Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohammad Isham Bin Jaafar, during the COVID - 19 press conference yesterday, explained that additional cases to the current active clusters have also been identified: 8 cases for Champion 7 and Related Vessels Cluster, 6 cases for the Chung Hua KB Cluster, 5 cases for BSP HQ Cluster (Block M), 5 cases for Aker Cluster (Cluster PA); 5 cases for Al - Falah / Freda-Radin, 4 cases for IBTE KB Cluster, 4 cases for the Mall Cluster; 3 cases for 477 Cluster, 2 cases for ABCi Cluster, 1 case for Dragon Boat Cluster; and 1 case for 573 Cluster.


There has been a new cluster of 5 new cases related to Case 583 reported on August 13th, and now known as 583 Cluster.


Meanwhile, the source of infection for 51 unknown cases are still being investigated. In the active clusters, however, cases are those who are currently under quarantine and are in contact with several reported cases.


Five (5) cases have recovered, bringing the recovered cases to remain at 343 cases.


A total of 790 active cases have been recorded in Brunei thus far, including three (3) critical cases of respiratory aid where two (2) cases require ventilators, and one (1) case requires the help of an additional heart/lung machine (ECMO). In the meanwhile, 12 additional patients in the National Isolation Center are closely monitored. Only one (1) of these 15 patients was vaccinated completely with COVID - 19 vaccine injection.


A total of 2,300 samples has been tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which brings the total number of laboratory tests conducted since January 2020 to 184, 468 tests.



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