Wednesday, 16 June 2021


PETALING JAYA, JUNE 04, 2021 - Indonesian drama "Suara Hati Istri" is catching heat on social media for featuring an underage actress in the role of a wife.


The soap opera, which premiered on May 24, 2021, shows Lea Ciarachel Fourneaux playing Zahra, a teenager who is duped into becoming the third wife of a wealthy businessman after he offers to pay for her ailing father's medical treatments.


Fourneaux is 14 years old and was born on October 5, 2006 in Bali.


Social media users were shocked to find intimate scenes of the young actress with her 39-year-old co star Panji Saputra being promoted on television station Indosiar's YouTube channel.


This included a scene of Zahra and her husband spending their first night together as a married couple and another scene of them being physically affectionate with other after finding out that Zahra is pregnant.


The clips were removed from Indosiar's channel after Suara Hati Istri sparked  backlash online but they still managed to get over 200,000 views before being deleted.

One of the drama's most prominent critics was Indonesian comedian Ernest Prakasa, who took to Instagram to call out Indosiar for casting a child to play the role of a wife.

He added that it was important for him to lend his voice to matter as many people in the industry are aware of the issue but are not able to speak up for various reasons.

" Many of my peers would like to bring up this problem but they are bound by ethics, work contracts, or bad feelings, so let me be the one to speak out.

" Indosiar, this has crossed the line. It's gone too far. Zahra's actor is still 15 years old.

" Okay, the standard for TV is ratings, but the benchmark for humans is conscience and common sense. Do you think this is reasonable?" as wrote by Ernest in a post on June 01, 2021.



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